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A Bit Anxious

Logan was sitting on the couch, trying to do work on his computer. Except he can’t. His hands lepta twitching, he couldn’t write sentence good. His mind was blank but to full at the same time. He figured this was some sort of anxiety (they had just uploaded a video and only then he had noticed continuity errors), but all of the tricks for helping Thomas’ anxious trait rendered useless for himself.

He had just slammed his laptop shit as Roman and Anxiety walked in, hands linked. Anxiety immediately noticed that something was off about Logan. He exchanged a few words with the prince, reached up and kissed his cheek, watching him walk out. He then slowly moves over to the logical trait, waving his hand to get his attention.

“Hey, Lo, you okay?”

“Yes. No. Yes. No.” Logan’s face was blank, but fearful. Anxiety carefully sat down next to him, mindful to not be to close.

“Do you want me to go get Patton?”

“No no no that’s not who I need right now.”

Anxiety moved onto his next idea. “Do you need any kind of physical-” His sentence was interrupted by Logan’s hand shooting out and snatching his own. Logan didn’t initiate any more, so he asked “Do you want to watch TV or something? Something fun like Steven Universe?”

Logan nodded slightly, but didn’t move except for squeezing Anxiety’s hand. Anxiety switched on the TV, letting the cheerful theme song play.

They watched about ten episodes, and Anxiety made sure all of them were light-hearted and fun. He could feel Logan’s grip getting looser and gum becoming more aware, eventually letting go of his hand completely. They sat there in silence for a few minutes, watching the screen as Greg and Steven discussed the epidemic of of square pizza.

Eventually, Logan turned to the other and said “Okay, I think I’m ready to go find Patton now.”

“Yeah, that’s good.”

Logan stood up and was at the hallway door when he turned around and said “Anxiety, if I’m ever in a state like that again, may I come to you for comfort? I’ll also go to Patton, considering he’s my lover, but you seem to have a better grasp on reality then Patton or Roman, and that may be more beneficial for me.”

Anxiety smirked and said “Yeah, of course. Those two can be over the top sometimes. Anytime, Logan.”

The logical trait grinned and murmured a ‘thank you’ before going to find his partner. After a few minutes, Anxiety got up and clambered to Roman’s room, opening the door, climbing onto the bed and curling up next to the prince.

Roman smiled down at him and said “Hello my darling.”


“What was the trouble with Logan?”

“He was just a bit out of it, he’s talking with Mo right now.”

Roman kissed his forehead and said “I’m glad you could help.”

Anxiety grinned to himself and said “Yeah, me too.”