bby being awkward

it’s the little things

*slides into Zev week late with starbucks* SO here’s a pointless little schmoop inspired by this awesome fanart of beautiful beautiful Zevran admiring his boots

“D… Do you like them?” Andreil asks at last. He’s been wondering for a while now, worrying, fretting, twisting his fingers and wringing his hands, but too afraid to ask. He doesn’t realize his words came as a strained whisper until he notices that the assassin hasn’t looked up from admiring the way the supple leather clings to his calves like they were made for him (which they were, because of course he knows Zevran’s measurements after much time spent admiring him and memorizing the graceful lines that make up his lovely, compactly muscled frame– and any old castoff boots would never do). The Warden clears his throat and forces himself to speak up, “Do you like them?” he asks again, and this time, Zevran looks up, eyes bright like sweet golden honey and sunbeams.

His teeth flash in that little half-smile he gets when he’s genuinely pleased (a far cry from his usual sly smirks and roguish grins– though those are incredibly appealing all the same) and tucks one booted foot behind the other, hands on his hips, posing. “Like them?” he asks with a scoff, “My friend, they are perfect! A flawless gift if I ever saw one.”

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