bby amy

  • baby : i ... i ...
  • lance : i love uncle lance ? it's alright , you can do it ! say it , i . love . uncle . lance !
  • baby : i ... i cradled you in my arms !
  • lance :
  • keith : ... yup that's my child

Now I see fire inside the mountains
I see fire burning the trees
I see fire hollowing souls
I see fire, blood in the breeze

Jehan + I see fire (Ed Sheeran) from this post

(Hey it’s me, ready to make you cry again. Sorry not sorry)

Thank you anon!


Tails: It doesn’t have enough power to get us both up to speed! We’re not going fast enough!
Sonic: Never tell me I’m not going fast enough!

After ‘The Sidekick’ this is my favorite Sonic Boom episode. Look at all these lovely bro moments! /)QwQ(\

@emmerah: I believe your request was bby Ami and Mako having a play date.

So here I have what would be them nearing the end of that and well Mako is feeling a little bad because she didn’t mean for Ami to get her dress dirty. While Ami is just delighted BECAUSE FRIEND and no worries, she should have known better than to wear a nicer dress to a play date at the park. It was bound to happen.

Also bby Ami with long hair because I would like to believe that not all the senshi had the same hair style their entire lives.

I also polished yours a bit more since you’ve been waiting forever.

anonymous asked:

What do you think it even be about?

if there were ever to be a game solely about amy rose i think it would fall along the lines of how She needs to save the day instead of sonic ! like how princess peach got her own game and had to go on a quest to save mario

maybe let’s say sonic and the others (like tails and knuckles and cream) were to get kidnapped by eggman or a new evil of some sort and amy would have to take matters into her own hands, like collecting all the chaos emeralds and defeating the bad guys and stuff.

THE STAGES WOULD BE DIFFERENT THO BC SHES NOT #GOTTA GO FAST she uses her hammer ofc and the final boss battle would have her turn super instead of sonic in order to defeat the evil and yeah. bonus if there’s a cutscene where sonic and the others are rlly proud of her for being so brave and courageous !! ;-;

mrsperaltiago  asked:

top 5 amy santiago moments :)

this is cruel but i will do my best!!

5. that time she gave holt the runs lmao
4. literally just all her interactions with rosa and gina
3. “those slacks are a knockout”
2. when she DESTROYED jake and holt on halloween yassss queen
1. of course, when she stood up for jake against her dad like the feminist icon that she is!!!!!!