bby amy

  • baby : i ... i ...
  • lance : i love uncle lance ? it's alright , you can do it ! say it , i . love . uncle . lance !
  • baby : i ... i cradled you in my arms !
  • lance :
  • keith : ... yup that's my child

Tails: It doesn’t have enough power to get us both up to speed! We’re not going fast enough!
Sonic: Never tell me I’m not going fast enough!

After ‘The Sidekick’ this is my favorite Sonic Boom episode. Look at all these lovely bro moments! /)QwQ(\

mrsperaltiago  asked:

top 5 amy santiago moments :)

this is cruel but i will do my best!!

5. that time she gave holt the runs lmao
4. literally just all her interactions with rosa and gina
3. “those slacks are a knockout”
2. when she DESTROYED jake and holt on halloween yassss queen
1. of course, when she stood up for jake against her dad like the feminist icon that she is!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I honestly don't think Mark should go on tour anymore. It isn't safe and i don't want to see him get hurt

It’s scary, I know bby…But Amy replied to someone about them having security and bags checks at their shows, so they’ll be okay. I promise <3