a janto coffee shop au where ianto owns a really small, out of the way coffee shop, which he loves, and jack comes in every day to see ianto and orders the same thing all the time, and jack starts to leave him notes with his money and a generous tip, and soon enough ianto replies, and before you know it, jack comes over to sit and talk with ianto in the dark when the shop closes everyday

omg janto au’s are life

so Garibaldi has movie nights, right

what if he shows Tron?

ofc Sheridan says “Oh this one? This is one of my favorites!”

Garibaldi’s all like “I didn’t know you liked this kinda thing, Captain…”

they bicker for a while until Mr. CMO gets frustrated with it all

Franklin cuts him off with “Oh c’mon. He only likes it because the hero looks like him.”

Sheridan is getting very VERY frustrated at this point and they’re discussing why he could possibly like this movie and then he goes “QUIET!!! SSH!!! sssh sh-sh-shhhhh!!!”

and then this happens

and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery very quietly…

Captain John Sheridan says in a soft voice, filled with all the wonder in the universe…

“downloadable oranges”

and a single quiet moment passes before the entire room erupts laughing

they never let him live it down.

the rest of the night is spent in a much-needed state of loose camaraderie, with Ivanova pointing out that Crom looks like Londo and Garibaldi pausing the movie to cross-reference a still of Crom’s face with scans of Londo’s face because hOW THE FUCK HAS HE NEVER NOTICED THAT BEFORE???

and Tron becomes like their weird 20th century fandom thing and whenever there’s even remotely a lull in station activity they try to organize a tron night

eventually everyone on the War Council has seen it

but still

Sheridan is stuck with the “downloadable oranges” stigma for the rest of his life