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dude regarding your subtitle post, legit in camp camp someone put in their captions (oh no my bby) when david said "somebody fucking has to" (im paraphrasing) and that legit got me so fucking pissed because it totally took me out of the moment!?!


i get people are gonna wanna say stuff but just make a comment like everyone

i’m pretty sure captioners are paid y’all don’t take ur job and use it to be unprofessional and quite frankly…. to not…. do the job….. right…. like i get they use the brackets to separate the comment from the actual subtitle but that doesn’t change anything it’s still a distraction and annoying and honestly the brackets should be saved for background audio like if someone’s talking in the BG and it’s kinda important just bracket it don’t!! add!!! your own stuff!!! aaaaa!!!

i’ve seen a lot about camp camp having a pretty bad caption job on it n seen some hecks myself like. guys. c’mon.