#BBUK - Sam Evans crowned Big Brother 2013 champion!

The 23-year-old remained quiet throughout the show but fans were interested to see the young Welshman come out of his shell as the weeks went on. Sam beat rival Dexter Koh to the £100,000 prize after seeing off other finalists Charlie Travers, twins Jack and Joe Glenny and love interest Gina Rio. The youngster couldn’t believe his eyes when presenter Emma Willis announced him as the winner.

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BB is always watching. And so am I apparently.

So, you missed the finale of this, the 900th season (some liberties taken) of Big Brother? What is WRONG with you? You read 1984 in high school, you know about how Obama has been peering through every American window… Emma Wills is trying to tell you something. Big Brother IS watching, and he knows that you change the channel when his show comes on. 

Here is my live, un-inebriated, unedited reaction to the extremely long and extremely LOUD final of BIG BROTHER UK. Because YOLO.

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#BBUK – Quarantine Zombie Task

Something has caused a dangerous virus to be released in the Big Brother house. A group of ‘infected’ Housemates will be confined to quarantine, and must complete tasks to defeat the virus, earn antidotes, and prove they are not infected. 


Housemates are told that the aim of this week’s shopping task is to cure as many of the virus infected Housemates as possible. The more housemates that are cured, the easier it will be to win their shopping in the final task. With the infected Housemates kept in quarantine in the Large Task Room, the Small Task Room becomes the ‘Treatment Room.’ In this room the infected Housemates will be subjected to various treatments to cure them of the virus. Once Housemates are cured they may leave Quarantine.


Housemates were woken by a frenzied alarm and Zombies banging on the bedroom windows from the garden. Big Brother quickly gathered the Housemates in the seating area and played them an emergency bulletin VT. Housemates watched a news bulletin showing a virus wreaking havoc on the Big Brother studios and spreading towards the house. Green smoke poured in from the ceiling in the seating area and Big Brother informed the housemates that the virus has spread to House. Housemates were only supplied six gas masks and quickly decided which Housemates will get to wear them. Wolfy, Charlie, Hazel, Daley, Callum and Joe. 

Housemates with gas masks are safe from the virus and will be allowed to remain in the main parts of the House. Housemates without gas masks, Jack, Jemima, Jackie, Dexter, Dan, Sam, Sophie and Gina are now infected and were quickly be directed to the safe quarantined zone in the large task room.

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#BBUK – Here we have The Big Brother UK 2013 Housemates

This Season is off to a good Start one of the Players is Really the Public’s player Hired to do what the Public tells him to do. It’s very similar to America’s Player in Big Brother USA but it’s the first time done in the UK. The thing about Big Brother around the world is they often tend to share each others ideas but each country puts their own spin on it. We shall see how it plays out in the UK house this Season



#BB15 - Big Brother Secret Safe House Pictures

Dexter and Gina were voted by the Public to enter the Secret Safe House. - This is the Luxury Room they will use to Spy into the Main House. They will watch and listen to their other Housemates and then in a week return into the Main House with all the information they have learned to Stir things up. ;-)

#BBUK - Daley banned from BB final !

They have banned Daley Ojuederie, 28, from attending. Producers say he has forfeited his invite since he was removed from the house for “aggressive behaviour” towards Hazel O’Sullivan, 24. Bosses were worried what might happen if the pair came face to face again. Daley maintains that when he grabbed Hazel by the throat and threatened to “nut” her it was playfighting.

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#BBUK – Big Brother UK 2013 – House Pictures !

IT was a matter of time and now they are here. What we all been waiting for - The Big Brother UK House Pictures ¯\(º_º)/¯ Whoo hoo. It’s always great to see how they change the look of the BB house every season and this year the House looks great.  Now all we need is the Housemates and that will be come next and real soon ;-) Enjoy!

Update: We now have the Diary Room Chair added ;-)


#BBUK – Big Brother UK 2013 Sneak Peek Pictures of the BB House Garden Area

It’s almost time for The New Season of Big Brother UK to start and the photos of the New BB House are starting to Leak out. Here we can see the Backyard or Garden area as they like to call it.  It looks to me like it has a Western Feel to the place well at least the outside. We still have to wait for all the other good House pictures. The one above shows what is suppose to be the New Snug House where people can hide out to plot or have a showmance. We Shall See very Soon! ;-)

#BBUK – Revealed: Celebrity Big Brother’s Mario was out of house days before final

Mario Falcone’s ex Lucy Mecklenburgh has let slip that he was allowed out of the Celebrity Big Brother house during filming this summer whilst fans were left none the wiser. Lucy let slip that she bumped into the 25-year-old in the American Embassy in London. Mario was reportedly trying to obtain a US visa so he can film in Las Vegas for The Only Way is Essex special which is set to air next month. Speaking to New Magazine! Mecklenburgh said: “I walked in, and to my shock Mario was there, four days before the final of CBB. The show’s producers had agreed beforehand to let him out to get his visa.

“We had a chat for a little while, which was nice. I told him he was doing really well in the house and that he should be proud of himself, and he asked if I’d had a nice holiday”. A spokesperson told Digital Spy: “Mario had a pre-arranged appointment with the American Embassy. “He left the house for a few hours and was accompanied by a member of staff throughout and had no contact with members of the public” – apart from a good ol’ chinwag with Lucy! - Spokesperson caught in a Lie!

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Opinion: Ok This is not the first time BBUK has pull one of these blunders but the truth is the BB producers allegedly just don’t care since they continue doing the same thing and think there is nothing wrong with it. Why does this matter? Simple The whole Concept of Big Brother is you are not suppose to have outside information let alone leave the house unless it’s a health emergency. When the Audience is left in the dark and are spending their money voting to save or evict someone from the house who they think are actually in the house 24/7 then find out he or she wasn’t then that’s just plain wrong. It only tarnishes the image of the Big Brother Game. It’s a slap across the publics faces and in fact could be deemed as Fraud. The fact that Mario’s Ex GF told him he was doing ok on the show is outside information the rest of the housemates didn’t have. Information he could then use as part of his strategy in the game. This is why we don’t have Live Feeds in BBUK and other Big Brother versions like BBAU who also chose to copy most of BBUK’s Format. They took away the 24/7 feeds so they can allegedly pull nonsense like this and get away with it. All they seek is to censor and have total control of the show while pulling the wool over the publics eyes. BB Producers need to take their heads out of their asses and realize that Social media is helping reveal all their dirty little dirty secrets and Sooner or later they will end up paying for it. Stop ruining the Big Brother Game!

Any country that chooses to ruin Big Brother should have their contract agreement with Endemol Revoked.!!

#BBUK - Big Brother’s Puppet Michael Will be Evicted!

PROFESSIONAL actor Michael Dylan is all set to leave the Big Brother house tonight. Irishman Michael, 29, went into the show on opening night as a mole to stir up trouble and cause mischief. During his eight-day stint as “The People’s Puppet’’ he managed to spark paranoia and sabotage tasks. But some of the wannabes have started to suspect he was fake. Former policeman Dan Neal, 33, was the first to raise suspicions, saying: “This doesn’t feel real. It’s too staged. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is an act.” Michael will leave during the live show and viewers will see the reaction from the others as his deception is exposed.

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#BBUK – Big Brother 2013 video: Charlie Travers passes ‘Temper, Temper’ task

Big Brother called Charlie to the Diary Room where she was told that her and her Mother Jackie will be playing a simple puzzle game that should be completed easily. The task would involve Charlie being blindfolded and ordering letters to spell out ‘TENSION’ in the Garden, while Jackie would be in the Tree House and shouting instructions. However, the blindfold was in fact fake and Charlie will actually be able to see. The real task was that she must sabotage it on purpose get Jackie to shout instructions and lose her temper. They had 5 minutes to complete it.

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#BBUK – There’s a new Big Brother UK 2013 eye logo out , and this one is rather different to the dark ones we've already seen!

Like the first, the second eye logo is made up of various doors, filing cabinets, drawers and lights. The pupil meanwhile is shown as a group of TV screens, all displaying static. But this eye is lit up, with Big Brother teased: “The lights are on… but is anyone in? #whatsthesecret”

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