aaron to danny: how big is your cock?

danny: 8 inches..

aaron: 8 inches is quite good..

cristian: thats fucking huge…. what are you talking about? 

then they were all talking about how it is “average”…………………. either they’re crazy or most people have foot longs in the uk……………

Cristian was giving Adjoa a peptalk before she left. And trying to cheer her up and telling her to smile and not to care. While the other HGs were laughing at the UK shouting “ get joa out” … so idk why everyone hates on him

I really want Jade to go up this week, but I don’t want to deal with a week of her acting like a martyr. It’s going to be even worse because she’s going to blame the lux pass instead of her personality.

danny/sarah’s relationship is so boring and predictable.  we don’t need another heteromance.

…and i don’t like how kieren has been trying to “coach” danny on how to get with sarah.  it’s gross.

“It’s now been reported that explicit scenes involving Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins had to be axed from last night’s show because they were too shocking.

The alleged scenes involve Perez asking Katie to perform a sex act on him, and were recorded after his attempts to lick her face.

Reports claim that after he’d tried to lick and kiss Katie, the 36-year-old celebrity blogger started "frantically thrusting his hips” at her and telling her to “lick it good, suck this d*** just like you should,“ which is an adaptation of Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back’ lyrics.

As we saw on last night’s show, Katie, 39, was called to the Diary Room to make sure she was okay after Perez’s actions, which she insisted she was, saying she could cope with him.

The blogger hasn’t just been offending and annoying housemates though, as Ofcom have apparently received over 1000 complaints about his behaviour so far.”

-Yahoo UK