bbuing bbuing for you

Vocal Gods™

Your company has you do a special stage with Kim Donghyun of BNM, and Jaehwan isn’t too happy about it.

  • for anon who requested jealous!jaehwan + idol reader
  • lyrics from “home” by ailee 

You watched from where you were standing as Kim Donghyun of BNM carefully strummed his guitar, looking up at you with a nod.

Hello, yojeum etteoni; jal jinaena bwa; na gunggeumhanga bwa boy,” you sang into your microphone softly, looking out into the audience of M!Countdown. For your latest comeback, one of the tracks on your album was a duet with Kim Donghyun, and this was the first time you were performing “Home” for a special stage.

You closed your eyes as the song reached the chorus, doing your best to convey the feelings of the song.

Bogo sipeunde neo wae an wa; home; home.”

You remembered the time that you and Jaehwan had gone through when Wanna One was on their world tour. Your relationship had suffered drastically, with Jaehwan and you almost never talking due to the various time differences. Jaehwan was always exhausted from the concerts and being overworked, while you worked long, tireless hours preparing for your album and comeback.

When he had returned, you’d been overjoyed that your relationship was able to return to the way it was—for the most part. You’d gotten much closer to the boys of Brand New Music, and often times the boys of BNM, some of the eliminated trainees and the boys’ significant others would hang out and chat, occasionally watching Wanna One’s vlives and such together.

Jaehwan, apparently, wasn’t too fond of your new friendship with Donghyun and Youngmin—Donghyun especially. He knew Youngmin closely since he’d almost made it to Wanna One, but Donghyun was an unknown. He was handsome, played the guitar and had honey vocals that rivalled the voice god’s own vocal chords. Jaehwan reacted in a way society had trained him to—by displaying alpha male traits.

If you told him you’d be getting food with Youngmin, Donghyun and a few other friends, he’d insist tagging along—or worse, send Jisung and Sungwoon to spy on you. When he found out that Donghyun was featuring on his album, he’d tried to convince YMC to let him do the feature instead (they yelled at him for an hour (the answer was no)).

So when your entertainment company informed you that they wanted you and Donghyun to prepare a special stage for M!Countdown, you knew the teeth would come out.

Sure enough, when you got back to the waiting room for you and Donghyun, Jaehwan was sitting in one of the chairs, obviously sulking.

“Hey babe,” you said calmly, walking over and placing an arm around him, “did you already eat?”

“No.” Jaehwan replied sulkily, looking up at you like a child. It was kind of adorable, his pout with his adorable puffed-out cheeks, but you felt bad for thinking that.

“He’s been like that all night, noona/hyung,” Lee Woojin whispered to you. You sighed, grabbing your sweatshirt before turning to face your childish boyfriend again.

“Jaehwannie, let’s go outside, yeah?” You asked, grabbing his hand and yanking him out into the hall. You had to bow to a few sunbaes before you were able to properly talk to Jaehwan, him bowing as well. You faced him, reaching up to ruffle his hair. It was rare to have Jaehwan with his hair naturally down these days, hair always caked in gel for some radio appearance or CF. “Babe, what’s wrong.”

“Nothing,” he replied, still pouting.

“Ey, don’t be like that,” you replied, poking him in the side where you knew he was ticklish. You looked up at him, bringing a fist up to your eyes to do the classic “bbuing bbuing” aegyo. “Oppa~ what’s wrong?” You tickled his side more aggressively, and Jaehwan pulled away, trying to suppress a laugh. “Oppa~” Jaehwan started laughing, trying to twist away from your tickles.

“Jesus Christ, what is that noise,” you heard someone comment from inside the dressing room.

“The Vocal Gods have made up,” someone joked, prompting laughter.

“Hear that?” You leaned up to press a kiss to Jaehwan’s lips, missing his lips a bit because he was still dying in peals of laughter, making you smile as well. “The Vocal Gods~”

“You know my weaknesses,” Jaehwan sighed, kissing you back, “you know I always get distracted when you make me laugh. And let’s be real, your aegyo is a joke.”

“Yah, Kim Jaehwan!” You snapped, hitting his chest as he started dying of laughter again. “I was even going to offer to buy you dinner!”

Jaehwan stared at you, trying to conceal his laughter behind his hand. “(Y/N), you have the best aegyo in the world.”

“Idiot,” you replied fondly, leaning into his side as the two of you entered the waiting room again.

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