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Yes, um, hello there! I've been sorta stalking the HSPVA tag in hope of seeing what exactly the school itself is like and all. I've been meaning to audition for the next school year and I saw you answered a question about it. I've been trying to gather my best works for a portfolio, but I feel as if I'm not good enough to audition anymore since I don't enjoy straying too far out of my 'comfort zone' when it comes to art and I'm afraid my art style won't appeal to others. Should I still audition?

hey there! hahaha always happy to help out with hspva-hopefuls; that place is very dear to me and it’s like the best place to be if you’re a young aspiring artists. firstly, don’t stress that you’re isn’t “good enough”; the fact of the matter is that you’re still just a kid and you’re not expected to have like any artistic training. when auditioning for hspva, you’re being tested more on your potential and creativity than on your technical skill. tbh auditioning as a sophomore is later than you’d want to. i don’t really know how that works but you’d definitely miss out on a lot of the foundation and overall development that happens in the first couple years. but ofc i’m sure it can be done

however, frankly, if you’re serious about an artistic career and want to improve, you’ll have to get over it and push yourself to try new methods- especially if you fear your style is unappealing. drawing styles can be changed, even if it feels “natural”! after all you draw differently than you did when you were 5, because you were influenced by the art you grew up with, whatever it was.  find new influences that you find appealing and draw from them. my #1 style advice is: do something COMPLETELY different that what you always do! yes it’s gonna a gross and bumpy experience and it’s not gonna happen over time but you will learn and you will likely improve

also it’s good that you know what you’re aiming for, some take a lot longer to find out. be sure to keep your goals in mind whenever you feel discouraged about your art; realistically you’ll have to be a very good artist who is very comfortable and confident in your work and your skills in order to land that dream job. so if you ever find yourself dissatisfied with how your work is coming along just remember that YOU HAVE GOALS TO REACH AND STUFF and that’s your incentive to get better and work harder!

back to the first point, i say obvs do the hspva audition and see what happens! idk about late entry but if you can attend there it’s a really great place to be, esp since you know you want to aim for a career in the art. either way, have a little more confidence and your work, and don’t be so afraid to experiment and stuff. good luck with your audition, work, and goals kiddo (and i hope this post makes sense cos wow i am out of it rn)