hello!! I’ve hit 3,000 followers *yay* so this is my next follow forever hehe *^^* and to my followers thank you for sticking with me through my phases and stuff yea I don’t really know what to say anymore so I’ll just

alphabetical order:


And unfortunately either for me or for them, here are the people that know me in real life (or have at least seen me) heh


yup so thank you all :’D



To tell you the truth, I was going to make you a jr/chunji gifset because we all know how much you love jailbait ;) haha but I decided against it cause GD is beyond perfection and so are you :) match made in heaven I suppose! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful birthday<3

oh and dear followers, please follow her for all your Big Bang needs (though I’m sure most of you are already following her cause she’s fabulous, as is her blog) and don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday~ ^^