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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

How did you know?! How? On Monday, I decided to get a new therapist. Tuesday afternoon, I chose her. Wednesday morning, I booked today’s session. Now, today is Friday. So two weeks ago, two weeks before you were abducted at gunpoint and brought here against your will, over a week before I even thought of coming here, you knew exactly where you’d need to be picked up for lunch?!


Thanks for the +650 followers! love you guys, like alot! it makes my day read yours ask and tag uvu <3

Since this started it all, here is finally what happened… Bad kitty, you suppose to be friends, not scare them and scrath their faces. 

Fellwolve!Red by @sanspar / bunny!blue by @keksbela / kitty!sans by me

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benpoe -  good times, bad times, and first times…

Ben loved being back ‘home’ on Poe’s farm on the warm welcoming Yavin moon, spending most of his time holed up inside Poe’s bedroom. They were Ben Solo’s happiest memories. Remembering ben solo is too painful for kylo ren.


i hope you’re all ready for more alfred dumps because boy oh boy do i need to practice. also a friend and i rewatched man from uncle and i didnt realize i missed my spy children so much

credit to @christeeneytiny for the beach+weird leg ideas?? you are like my strange little shoulder devil bless you