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Created By Danuta720

Nature and art

Created for: The Sims 4
The house was built exclusively on the basis of the objects from the base game.
The only addition from outside the basics of the game are the photographs, which were created on the basis of Packs Spa Day.

Cheats I’ve used:
-> bb.moveobjects
-> bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement


Created By sylvia54

Mulan Bedroom

Created for: The Sims 4
This is a Set with 15 Creations

A bedroom with a touch of asia. Let your sim enyou peace and ambience ! objects are placed with bb.moveobjects on


Created By BuffSumm

Mila Office

Created for: The Sims 4
You get 31 new objects in this Set:
- Desk
- Loveseat
- Two Chairs
- Endtable with Recolor
- a lot of decorative items

Objects are placed with bb.moveobjects on!


Created By Maruska-Geo

Classics of the genre. Addition

Created for: The Sims 4
This is a Set with 14 Creations
Classics of the genre. Furniture and decor for living room and cabinet, addition to a set of sofas.

Creator Notes
For dense filling of the bookshelf is recommended turn on “bb.moveobjects”


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