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So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

Hey, look! A wild art piece by the mysterious Jay Birb! @brocksnuckel and I have gone WAY off the deep end with that mini fic she did , and I may have accidentally designed the wing patterns of all of the guys. 

(Butterfly wings are SO fun to draw, oh my gosh, you can be so creative with colors and shape, it’s wonderful!)

You do NOT have permission to repost my art on any platform, whether it be twitter, tumblr, instagram, ifunny, deviantart, etc. If you do, I will be inclined to cease posting artwork altogether.


What the hell guys,
Like okay, I know you can like minicat, but this is terrible.
Mini is literally in the hospital and Tyler is just being himself and comforting Craig the way he does and like? I read through a lot, and I only found some that were appropriate which was “Maybe you should visit him” or “hope mini get’s better”
ONE PERSON SAID “YOU GUYS SHOULD FUCK” This is terrible, please stop. If you are someone who has done this, saying they should fuck whEN THE OTHER IS IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL?
You can unfollow me.
This is unacceptable behavior from people who are their fans.
No- you guys aren’t even fans, this is terrible.

TL;DR: stop fucking posting shit about them fucking when one is in the hospital. If you do unfollow me thanks