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Screw the Dirk Gently flashback scene with the memory cards.

I want the flashback scene where Colonel Riggins picks up bb!Dirk from the orphanage and Dirk’s asking “are they going to like me where we’re going?”

And the Colonel says “Svlad, I can guarantee that they’ll all want to meet you”.

Hey, look! A wild art piece by the mysterious Jay Birb! @brocksnuckel and I have gone WAY off the deep end with that mini fic she did , and I may have accidentally designed the wing patterns of all of the guys. 

(Butterfly wings are SO fun to draw, oh my gosh, you can be so creative with colors and shape, it’s wonderful!)

You do NOT have permission to repost my art on any platform, whether it be twitter, tumblr, instagram, ifunny, deviantart, etc. If you do, I will be inclined to cease posting artwork altogether.