Dark Impetus, from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Defeat the mysterious figure, but don’t forget to dodge roll!

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OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT THIS I loved when Spock was all "It's logical that I go and Checkov stays." and jim was like "Uh... not really..." and then spock was just like "UHURA IS THERE" and Jim was like "Yep you can go" like he didn't even argue with him abt it like he just knew his and sulu just knew and his first words to him were "UHURA IS OVER THERE" I WANT THEM TO GET MARRIED IN THE NEXT MOVIE.

awww we knew about this scene from the set visit and I’m glad to hear they kept it all!

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So I drew Luke for @lyl0wmcfl4mez. Hope this is okay! :) Thank you for contacting me. Check her out! She messaged me asking if I could draw Luke for a video she plans on doing. I encourage all other BBS artists or just fans to help out :0! aNYWAY I tried a painting style with little lineart. :D! Plus I installed a timer to help me stay on track and keep time :0!

ps - I used Jihi_chan drawings/thumbnails of Luke to help :).

Hope ye enjoy

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