She’s so cute. Got some better photos today with my DSLR as the sun was going down. 

The spot on her nose looks like some kind of scar. Anyone have an idea of what I can do to maybe ease her breathing? It isn’t completely blocking her left nostril, but it is smaller than the right one. And I noticed several times now that when she breathes hard it makes a squeaky noise.

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If anyone is interested I’ve decided to put Amonet up for sale. I want to go in a different direction with any ball python projects and she no longer fits into those plans.

2015 female ball python - Cinnamon het for Caramel (poss het ghost) she has some paradox spots too but those aren’t genetic.
Eating f/t weanling r4ts with zero hesitation, she’s a great feeder and super friendly too.

$150 plus shipping - email me at bbcaskin @ gmail . com if you’re interested.