bbrae i guess

If BB lost his powers suddenly and he gets upset and depressed

Raven: “…BeastBoy we just want to help-”

Bb: “don’t call me BeastBoy anymore…the beast is gone in me….”

Raven: “….” *worried look*

Bb: “just call me Garfield.”

  • Beast Boy: I never said I was gonna get back together with her. But I was thinking, would it be the worst thing in the world if I gave her a call?
  • Cyborg: No, no, BB, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. It would be the fourth worst thing. Number one, super volcano. Number two, an asteroid hits the planet. Number three, all footage of Evil Knievel is lost. Number four, Beast Boy calls Raven. Number five, Bee gets eaten by a shark.
  • Bumblebee: I'm Bee and I approve the order of that list.
5612. Beast Boy had always felt uncomfortable in his own skin, but when he started being able to shift, he was thrilled. Finally, he would be able to become the girl she knew she was. However, all she could do was animals, and she pretended it was fine and she took the name that fit. Raven found out one day, and she offered to help her find her real self. Beast Girl came out a couple weeks later, happier even just with the new title and the name Jade (because she still loves puns). That was also when Raven and Jade started dating.

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Question, How is bbrae abusive at all?

i guess they’re referring to the parts where raven kinda slaps him upside the head 

or when bb always tries to bother raven when she clearly wants to be left alone. 

I wouldn’t have a problem with people hating my ship because people like what they like and they’re entitled to their beliefs. But let me get one thing straight: 


Literally-All of the anti-bbrae shit I’ve been seeing lately IN THE BBRAE TAG has been all about “abuse survivors” and saying things like 


That’s just sad. hate the fictional couple but don’t hate the people who like it. fuck this bullshit. 

I’m not going to turn this into a bbterra vs bbrae debate. Both couples can be perceived as abusive but it’s up to the viewers discretion. I HAVE A PROBLEM with the anti-bbrae-er’s coming into OUR TAG and telling us abuse survivors how we should feel about a fictional pairing. it’s stupid. They throw up words like “Misogynistic” and “abusive” and “triggering” about a fucking cartoon show. 

They don’t even want to get to know us simply because we like one pairing over the other. I have a problem with that. It’s not about whose ship is better-fuck, i don’t care if u like bbterra or not-I just have a problem with you coming and telling ME that I AM TRASH and that I Condone abuse when you don’t even fucking know me. 

so there’s my two cents on it. 

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1462. Kyd Wykkyd is the son of Raven and Beast Boy from an alternate universe; Trigon wiped his memory and transported him into the main universe. Wykkdd was located by Brother Blood because he could sense a lot of potential power within him (IE his parents powers). Thus far, however, he has only inherited some of his mother’s powers, shadow manipulation, teleportation, portal creations and empathy. His empathetic powers manifested when he began to share a romantic bond with Angel.

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(The first pic is from the fabulous bibabbrae !!!) :)

Rae asked the elf, “you came all the way out here to give me this spell book?”

“Mm-hmm!” Beast nodded.

She paused for a moment.

“It’ll get wet if I keep it…” Blushing, the mermaid looked back at him.

“Well no problem! I’ll just stay out here with you til u finish reading it!”

So uhh.. this is an open RP?? I guess?!!!?

Sophieandace and I are rambling on about bbrae at the beach

And I said that bb wasn’t like drooling all over raven.. He’s actually a real sweety and very considerate and like I can see him taking her to a beach and she’s in a bikini and he’s just tenderly saying, “your bathing suit looks fine Rae! Don’t worry about what others say!”

raven is such a qt. I have headcanons where despite her tough exterior she really is self conscious deep down. Like she is strong and independent but like normal girl teens (HER ESPECIALLY BEING DIFFERENT AND ALL) she compares herself to others and just… Gets down u know? I can see her feeling sad compared to starfire rocking a bikini and here raven is in a one piece and she’s so afraid and so bb takes her to the beach all alone by themselves and tells her she’s beautiful and he just.. Doesn’t force her to get in the water… It’s like everything raven was expecting him to do like push her into the water, tell lame jokes all day and tease her about her pale skin- he doesn’t do any of it!!! He tenderly lets her read her book in the shade as he swims in the ocean… And he makes a sand castle near her and applies sunscreen to her and just…fshdjfkflgldjskak


And she goes “BeastBoy…he’s so..he acts so differently when we’re alone together….why??”

And she maybe asks him about it and he replies:

“…u and me.. This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a very long time. I just don’t wanna ruin such a beautiful thing.”

;///; *dies and goes to heaven*