bbraefan1530 asked:

Hi. So, since you are a BBRae shipper I wanted to ask you which style of BBRae do you prefer the best? From the original Teen Titans series? From Teen Titans Go? From the comics? All?

Hmmm… It’d be a decision between the comics and original Teen Titans. (But I don’t hate Go. I like it, but not as much as the original, though I think it’s cute. I’m glad we got that. But I love all BBrae of course!) I gotta say the (original) t.v. show. I mean, it’s just so adorable! They will always be my OTP. Just look!

Cute moments like this…

Funny moments like this…

And, of course…

Sigh. I just love them! My OTP forever.

We’re only 3 months into 2015 and we’ve already had:

  • Stan twin theory confirmed
  • Garnet fusion theory confirmed
  • Phinabella become canon
  • Beastboy and Raven become canon (again!)
  • actual Korrasami art drawn by the co-creator of the show
  • new PowerPuff Girls and Ducktales series confirmed
  • Adventure Time movie confirmed

It’s all so beautiful!  *rolls around crying on floor*


“There’s always gotta be a carefree dude who gives light to some shy, dark girl who tries to conceal her emotions; a cool guy with a dark past; a beautiful and strong gal; a absolute genius; a spunky young lady; a quick-witted lad; and add in a tough chick who’s actually sweet inside”

Dang. I needed to get this off my mind. 

SO here. Have some crappy doodles of a Naruto and Teen Titans Crossover because childhood that’s why. (Shikamaru be “Yeah… I’m not feelin’ this”)

And yeah there’s the bonus of Sarada as Nightstar 

PLs don’t kill me.