Get a Room!

A small yip of frustration burst out of Beast Boy’s mouth as his body leaned to the side, trying to emulate the movements of his digital avatar. His hands gripped the controller tightly and his fingers danced a frenzied tattoo over the buttons, but the split second of distraction turned out to be his undoing.

While the death animation of his character played on the screen he forced a frown away from his face and shifted his eyes to the couple on the other side of the couch, keeping the grumbles to himself. It’s not like he was bothered by his friends sharing a moment of love, but did they have to be so loud?

He could hear the wet sounds of their kisses, the sweet sparkle of Starfire’s giggles and the deep rumble of Dick’s groans clearly enough even under the headphones and over the loud music and even louder sound effects of the game. He rolled his eyes, careful not to be noticed. Not for the first time today he wished the couple would get a room already.

Raven’s jaw muscles bunched and she clutched at the heavy hardcover she was reading. Oh, she was an expert in overcoming environmental distractions when it came to reading, and as much as she had no headphones to protect her ears from the smacking and sucking and cooing and gasping she knew she would be able to tune it all out and focus on her fiction. No, it wasn’t that. It was her empathic sense that was being overwhelmed, and that was much more difficult to ignore. She huddled deeper into her cloak and tried to get back to the novel yet again, wishing for the umpteenth time today that the couple would get a room already.

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Person A is sitting on a park bench next to a playground with some kids playing.

A random mom sits down next to person a and smiles

Random mom turns to person A-“so which one is yours?”

Person A opens their mouth to tell her but is interrupted

Person B- “Babe look how high I’m swinging! ”

Person A smiles -“that dork on the swing”

Imagine Your OTP #21

Person A: *reveals something they’re ashamed of*

Person B: Listen…

Person B: I don’t care what race you are…

Person B: What your sexual orientation is…

Person B: Or what you’re a fan of, because..

Person A:

Person B: Because I hate everybody no matter what.