I have a hard time reading fluff because it makes me feel empty and crave a relationship desperately, so instead I read smut and angst because the feeling of lust and sadness is easier to deal with than all the things that comes with fluff. Like you won’t even think about, fluff seems so simple, but then it’s builds up and builds up before hitting you like a freight train.


Person A is sitting on a park bench next to a playground with some kids playing.

A random mom sits down next to person a and smiles

Random mom turns to person A-“so which one is yours?”

Person A opens their mouth to tell her but is interrupted

Person B- “Babe look how high I’m swinging! ”

Person A smiles -“that dork on the swing”

Imagine Your OTP #21

Person A: *reveals something they’re ashamed of*

Person B: Listen…

Person B: I don’t care what race you are…

Person B: What your sexual orientation is…

Person B: Or what you’re a fan of, because..

Person A:

Person B: Because I hate everybody no matter what.