has anyone ever thought about astra meeting maggie tho

like turns out that she’s alive at cadmus and then she gets out and alex is like lol kara oh wow your aunt is prettier than i remembered haha oh yeah we always act like this around each other, it’s totally normal for her to look at me like this and for her to give me compliments and everyone looks at a beautiful woman like that and so what if she looks at me like that. wait a minute. i forgot. i’m gay. oh wait no this is bad i have a crush on kara’s aunt shit

and above all, astra admires bravery and intelligence and alex said it maggie is tough and smart and beautiful and listen imagine them all being jealous of each other like astra’s jealous of alex and maggie and maggie’s jealous of astra and alex and alex sorta gets a bit insecure with maggie and astra because they get along so well and alex is just too hard on herself and wonders if she’s good enough for either of them and just all the mutual pining and they all like each other so much (and are v v attracted to each other because have you seen these women?) also imagine a free for all fight in the DEO between them all w the kryptonite levels up like holy shit someone needs to make sure that the camera footage is completely scrubbed and that kara was not anywhere near the DEO at that time bc poor kara why do people keep doing this where she can hear

bc spoiler alert they find out that they all like each other, why shouldn’t they all date? and everyone’s happy.

except kara. who has her kryptonian aunt, her deo-trained sister, and their science police gf maggie all giving her girlfriend the shovel talk. listen she can handle alex and maggie or alex and astra or astra and maggie but she can’t do all 3

Choosing my Path || Young Kara and Astra

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Kara got out of school early. It was a treat for getting all her work done. Though her teacher did suggest that she go home to think about her choice. She wasn’t sure what cast she wanted to put herself in. She liked them all a little too much. But for school next year she would need to pick one. She didn’t like that. 

She wanted to be like her mother. But Science was fun too. And Astra’s job always looked super fun. Why did she have to pick? She just wanted to do everything. She pulled out her spy beacon clicking it as she sat on the play equipment in the park next to her home. 

Maybe her Aunt Astra would make her fears go away. She always seemed to be able to make things easier for Kara to understand. 

Help || Shay and Astra


A teenager sat quietly in the chairs outside the leader of the charity she had fled to’s office. Frankly the teen looked like hell. She had a fresh looking black eye with other bruises, some fresh, some half-healed, peppering her face and jaw bone. She wore a threadbare jacket that she was holding tightly around herself, but bruises could be seen around the collar and cuffs of the jacket. She was also far too thin, which made her look younger than she was, closer to 12 or 13 rather than the 16 that she was. She sat quietly, staring at the wall in front of her until the case worker she’d been assigned to finally arrived, new sheaf of papers in hand. She snapped for Shay to stand up and steered the young woman into the sub-directors office to explain the circumstance.

The teen had come into the charity looking like this and said she needed help. When they asked what had happened, the girl had said that her sister had heard that she had kissed a girl and done this to her before throwing her out of the house. The teen had also given a few other details, her blood type, her age, how long this had been going on and most importantly, her name. Shay. No last name given. When the initial social worker talked about going to CPS or the police though, Shay had clammed up. She hadn’t spoken since. Shay was obviously in need of medical attention, but when they tried to have the doctor take a look at her, Shay had fought hard against him. She hadn’t attacked the doctor or anything, but she had fought and kicked to keep him away. She had ended up curled up in a corner of their little medical office, tucked into a ball until the doctor gave up and left. She still hadn’t spoken, but other than the doctor incident she had behaved fine. The case worker declared that the girl was a lost cause for them and asked Astra what to do next. 

As the case worker carried on about Shay, the teenager stared up at Astra, blue eyes wary and terrified. As the woman started to talk about how Shay had acted with the doctor, Shay looked down at the floor, lower lip trembling as she curled her hands into fists, letting the nails dig into her palm. Finally as the woman declared her a lost cause, a single tear slid down Shay’s face as she looked up to meet the director’s eyes once more.

She had no where else to go.

@inze ASTRA from here

“Well then maybe they shouldn’t tell me that I need anger management,” Astra snapped, crossing her arms. “If I couldn’t control my anger, do you really think there would be anyone left on this planet to tell me what to do?” But then she sighed and slid off the exam table, gravitating towards Eliza. “I don’t think that I’m that bad…” She looked at the other woman, tilting her head. “Do you?” she asked hesitantly. Some random doctor she didn’t care about’s opinion meant nothing, but Astra cared deeply about what Eliza might think.

   Eliza knew she should have rolled her eyes and made an actual effort to chastise Astra. Instead she merely chuckled and went inside rather than hover in the doorway. “If you weren’t interested in controlling it, I doubt you’d be here,” she replied, reflecting casually, absently picking up the vials they’d drawn, reading the labels before putting them down. She softened her look when she looked back at Astra. “For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re that bad. But you do come off intimidating when all people know about you is that you can shoot lasers out of your eyes. I’d be cautious getting glared at, too,” she joked, leaning over to give Astra’s hand a squeeze. 

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Astra looked at Maggie, unable to hide the mixed emotions running through her mind. “Oh.” She swallowed and tried again. “How?” There are only two options that Astra can think of and neither of them are pleasant. “I don’t want to seem ignorant, but I don’t really have the right parts for that to be a concern for us.”

“I know.” Maggie replied simply, no amount of joy or well.. any emotion similar to happiness that would usually be there if one was telling their significant other that they were pregnant. She didn’t actually even dare look at Astra. “This is your out, so.. You should probably take it,” She doesn’t offer any sort of explanation, because thinking or talking about it again isn’t what she wants. 

you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?

Your Alive || Kara and Astra

Starter for @inze

Kara blinked when she found the place her Aunt was located. She had to talk herself into this. Into seeing her. Into not freaking out and not flying away. She didn’t know why she didn’t just run towards the woman. It was really the only thing she wanted to do. 

All she had wanted since she thought her Aunt died was a hug. A real one from her Aunt. One of the ones her Aunt used to give her that made the whole world feel safe. That made the night not be scary. 

She didn’t get hugs like that anymore. Alex tried, Eliza tried. Really even Kal tried but not of them where Astra, or her mother. Or even her father. They where close but they where not one of the three people she used to love more then anything. 

So instead of running to her she did what she did when something was to much. She stood still. So not to break anything. So not to give away her feelings. 

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:) Astra and Alex

what do you mean two women can’t make a baby?! puhlease! | accepting

Send me a pairing and I’ll fill this out with what their kid would be like!

  • Name: Argo Danvers
  • Gender: male
  • General appearance: dark brown hair, blue eyes like Astra’s, taller than most kids his age
  • Personality: inquisitive, proud, determined, obstinate, methodical, too serious for his age
  • Special Talents: super strength, x-ray vision, flying 
  • Who they like better: Astra
  • Who they take after more: his intellectual curiosity comes from both mothers, but his treatment of others is mostly Astra’s.
  • Personal headcanon: Argo loves Eliza’s Chocolate Pecan Pie more than any other dessert in the whole entire universe
  • Face Claim: Asa Butterfield



There was a low chuckle from Astra. “You know, I can and will carry you to bed if I have to,” she threatened. Honestly, Astra had been bored with the movie about halfway through, so she would prefer sending the other woman to bed. She hadn’t been expecting to see Maggie again or to spend time with her, but Astra found herself here anyways.

Maggie scrunched her nose up in mock disgust at the thought of being brought to bed, shaking her head. “Noo, you can’t. Don’t laugh at me!” Okay, her threatening angry face wasn’t all that threatening since she was tired but wouldn’t admit it. Turning more into the warm body beside her, Maggie nuzzled Astra’s shoulder, muttering lowly, again closing her eyes. “I’m not even tired, I told you. This is just the first time I’ve sat down since I went out to work this morning.”

“You’re her, aren’t you? You’re really, really Astra - aren’t you?” Lori tugged at her costume. It was black, red and white with the big S emboldened in red, accented in white. She had agreed to assist the Legion of Superheroes who were originally from the 31st Century. Lori had no idea she’d be sent this far back in time. “Sorry, just - I’m, I’m just…” In awe? Stunned? 


     She hadn’t noticed that she was staring before the woman caught her doing it; stepped back, startled, and a small part of her wary, but it was more out of unfamiliarity than any feelings of distrust. Her mother had been clear; she trusted these people, and Zenora had already welcomed Ker beside her as a brother, the most natural feeling in the world, so natural it startled her thinking about it. But his mother… Astra…. her mother’s lover. She was more awed and embarrassed, utterly self-conscious under the attention, and at it, straightening her back. “I… I am sorry. <I did not mean to disturb.>”

We’ve talked a lot about Kara’s guilt about Clark, how she feels about not fulfilling the mission her mother gave her. But what about Astra’s guilt about not finding Kara?

Maybe it’s what got her through Fort Rozz and Krypton’s destruction for the first few years, the idea that Kara was alive, that she needed Astra, that she was terrified and alone and hurting and Astra would do anything to try and alleviate that pain for the girl she loves as a daughter.

But decades pass, and she gets to Earth and Kara’s nowhere to be found. She definitely looks–it may be a fool’s errand, but through more than two decades in prison and another on Earth, she held on to that spy beacon. She looked. But if Kara was alive, she wouldn’t be a child any longer, would want her but maybe not need her nearly as much.

Except, Kara was a child, was there the same time as Astra. And Astra left her alone. In Kara’s darkest moments, at least she can try and assuage her guilt with the thought she was a child, just 12 years old. Maybe this was for the best (it only works a little).

But Astra was an adult, and this is her beloved niece. She doesn’t have that kind of consolation. There’s a very good chance, dying her niece’s arms and looking up at that beautiful and wholly good face, that her last thought was “I should have looked harder.”

Astra & Lexie || Lexie And The Tramp


Lexie let out a sigh of relief as she slipped out of National City General after a full day of attending surgery seminars. As amazingly interesting as it was, one could only handle so much surgery talk before your brains began to turn to mush. She was forever grateful she’d gotten the opportunity to attend the teaching conference though, as it gave her an edge against the competition as well as getting her away from the…volatile environment she worked in back home, but lord did she need a break.

Swiping her long curls back over her shoulder, she settled her purse over her shoulder and began walking to the nearest coffee shop, hellbent on getting a bit of food and caffeine before heading back to the hotel to crash…scrubs and lab coat be damned. “Uhhg…much more of this and my brain is going to start leaking out my ears…” She muttered as she shook her head, totally unaware of a gaze narrowing in on her form.


“She’s perfect,” Astra responded. Her heart was already given so completely to her daughter, it had been back on Krypton. She was so excited to be able to get to know them both once again. “I just hope that we can become a family. I worry about what Ker will think, having to learn so much about where he comes from and the people we once were.”

Perfect. A word that he hadn’t dared to use to describe their family, yet he smiled at its mention. Zenora certainly was, although he hadn’t been able to tell much, from where she’d hovered fiercely by Keora’s side. Keora, so defensive, yet so soft at once. “Ker… I think he’d approve of having someone nearby. A sister.” He brushed fingertips against Astra’s, wanting to be there for her, to reassure her even now, struck by the news. “She seems… lovely.” Struggling, he remained unsure about what Keora’s introduction to their lives could mean.