“What better way to kick off summer BBQ than with grilled fruit?!” “This recipe is delicious… but is actually healthy!!”

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Recipe: Grilled Peaches with Maple Coconut Cream

*AIRPUNCH* so I’m off for bbq + craft beer funtimes, so I will be back on laaater! I’ve got sixteen drafts still sitting pretty for me to reply to (which include the love potion shenanigan-drabbles that I stockpiled over comic-con hiatus). This is just a heads up that I still have them and they are on my to-do list! c: Along with replies to threads of course~

It's the 2015 Beano Summer Special!

It’s the 2015 Beano Summer Special!

It’s summer, so prepare yourself for a plug!

Now that’s out of the way, why not pick up this year’s Beano Summer Special. It’s packed with holiday fun and activities, including five new Bananaman and Roger the Dodger strips by yours truly!

Roger tries to gatecrash Mrs Creecher’s BBQ before heading off to Italy for summer hols:

Meanwhile Bananaman faces Auntie’s woolly hat heist, shark-infested…

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Urban BBQ – 3 Tips and Tricks
Written by: Ray Ball
Photo by: Ray Ball

Most young, urban, professionals all have something in common when it comes to our living situations… no space! For those of you who have a house with some real grass consider yourself lucky. Having lived in an awesome studio loft in college, I loved the convenience of walking to all the clubs and bars, but hated the lack of space to kick it with my friends! I’m a proven and certified hungry girl, so not having a huge grill or prep space made it difficult to entertain, even at the park!

Here are few ways to make your Urban BBQ off the chain:

HANDHELDS: You want food people can eat on the go! Not being tied to a table allows people to mingle and socialize without worrying about a plate falling or bugs flying into your baked beans! I recommend kebabs of any type. You can get all the good groups in a kabob, not to mention the awesomeness of fresh veggies on the grill!

NO Styrofoam: I know, I know, it’s cheap… I get it. But let’s get real, we’re grown… or umm that’s at least that’s what we tell our parents. There are plenty classy and fancy looking plastic dish wear out there for you to choose from. If you’re on a budget try somewhere like Homegoods or TJ Maxx! PLUS, do you want to be that person whose plate flew away with the mac and cheese on it?

DESSERT: Yep, you better have a second course with your BBQ! A few great handheld desserts include cupcakes and homemade popsicles. Since we’re all grown and ish, lets get fancy and include booze! Wine is a great mixer with any dessert; just replace the water in the recipe with the booze of your choice!

Now you’ve got all the tools to impress your friends even when you’re tight on space or time! All you need to set off your Urban BBQ is some jungle juice and water balloons right?

Grilled Turkey Kebabs

1 lbs Package of Ground Turkey

1 Green Bell Pepper

1 Yellow Bell Pepper

1 Red Bell Pepper

1-2 Zucchini and Squash

½  Sweet Onion

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Dried Basil

1 Tablespoon Paprika

1 Large Egg

Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper to taste


If making in the oven: Preheat oven to 350 degrees, turn on broil for the LAST 5-8 minutes in oven.

If making on the grill: Light grill 20-30 minutes ahead of time, so your coals are the perfect temp when you’re ready.  Also, soak skewers in water if wooden prior to using them so they won’t burn on the grill.

• Mix ground turkey with basil, paprika, salt, pep, onion powder, garlic powder, and 1 egg. Then form into 1-inch portioned balls (I was trying so hard not to be dirty)!

• Dice all veggies into 1-inch portions, you want them all the same size so they cook evenly.

• Begin to layer your veggies and ground turkey onto your skewers. You don’t have to go in any specific order. I wouldn’t recommend putting the meat to close to each other; otherwise it won’t cook very even.

• Drizzle EVOO onto your kebabs and sprinkle with salt and pep to taste.

• Place in oven, on large baking sheet, or on grill.

If you cook in the oven, cook for 15-20 minutes, turn broil on for the last 5-8 minutes to get a good char.

If you cook on the grill, cook for 15-20 minutes turning kebabs ONCE and cooking an additional 5 minutes on the other side or until brown.

Stay hungry my friends…

Ray Ball – A Few Hungry Girls – - @AFewHungryGirls
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DAY 16: Dim Sum, Art Gallery/Village, and Korean BBQ

Today started off with sleeping in until a comfortable 8:30am. I got up and prepared for the day. 10:00am we were off to Dim Sum, located in the same building as a hotel. We had the usual Cha Sui Bao, Har Gao, Lo Ba Gou, some leafy green vegetable, and of course my favorite Chicken Feet. Everything had a distinct flavor and didn’t stray for the usual Dim Sum menu. A dish I tried today was Crispy Shrimp Wrapped in Red Rice Noodle. I enjoyed the three textures combined together, crispy, chewy and slimy shrimp. Yum! Dim Sum lasted for a fairly long time. We finished up and made our way to our next destination, with a hefty bag of leftovers for later.
Our next stop was Xu Ling’s friend’s daughter’s art show. She was part of The Chinese Young Contemporary Oil Painter Exibition and Introduction. Her pieces along with her classmates were displayed in a culture center somewhere in Shen Zhen. I actually have no idea where we were, because I passed out on the drive over, basically in a food coma. Anyways, each student and teacher showcased a bunch of their paintings, some big and some small. After perusing the paintings we went on to look at the other exhibit next door: the Corregated Cardboard. In this hall there was furniture made entirely out of cardboard. Although, the chairs and couches were not entirely comfortable, they were sturdy nonetheless. The tables were even made out of cardboard. One had a glass table top! I was amazed that students were able to come up with such amazing things. We moved on from the cardboard,and made our way to the little cafe, besides the museum.
The cafe had no customers, until we arrived. We were greeted by a few employees and ignored by the others watching a Chinese soap opera. This cafe’s specialty was fresh squeezed fruit juice. Hank, Xu Ling’s boyfriend, and I ordered Apple juice, while Xu Ling and Yue Yin ordered pair juice. It was the most amazing Apple juice I’ve ever had, certainly beats the stuff I was served on the plane. We parted ways with Yue Yin, after the cafe, and headed to DaFen Art Village. I promptly passed out again in the car.
First, I had no idea there was a village entirely dedicated to oil painting and art. Never thought anything so amazing could be real, but it was. The streets of the village were lined with oil paintings, frames and children of the artists. We took picture after picture of the architecture and the scenery. Towards the back of the village, we found a little museum all about the village and featuring some local artist’s work. The little museum was actually much bigger. It was at one point a huge house belong in to a painter. They had renovated it, making it as similar as they could to the original. We spent about an hour in there gazing upon the beautiful artwork and building structure. We were exhausted so we left and then we’re stuck in traffic all the way back to the apartment. We took a break and then headed out again for dinner.
Dinner tonight was Korean BBQ. It was also my first time eating it! We had so much meat. I have no idea how much. I ate one of everything, including Beef Tonugue. But then I decided that was definitely not for me. I didn’t eat the kimchi because I’m not really a spicy person. I did however, have some noodles with vegetables. I’m annoyed I can’t share the pictures with you guys, But I’ll live with it for now.
Anyways, I think today was a culinary adventure as well as artistic! I will be gone for the next two days with no internet to post so I will post later in the week. Look forward to it! Sorry for the long post!
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Good night!

Thanks to Atria in Darien for inviting me to the “Battle of the BBQ - Celebrity Cook Off” this afternoon.

Had the chance to face off with their incredible Chef Carrington Parker. We both made sirloins on the grill with summer sides.

A lot of good fun and competition.