FR lore concept: Restaurants and drive thrus

A restaurant owned and operated by talented wind dragon chefs built upon the clouds hoisted up by only kites and magic or something. Dragons need only fly up to the window, pay their treasure, and fly off with expertly crafted food. Dragons have to keep track of where it is every day cuz it floats along listlessly but it’s worth the extra effort. An aerial drive thru.

A barbecue pit built into the side of a mountain boasting the best damn bbq treasure can buy this side of dragonhome. Dragons can either fly to the shop or walk along a carved pathway on the cliffside to grab a hearty plate filled to the brim with meats and sauces. Salad offered as well but it’s not that good. The smoke is always seen from the clear sky - you can’t miss it!

Food trucks?? food trucks. Food wagons and caravans that travel Sornieth and offer a wide variety of food - greasy sweets and good eats for anyone and everyone. If you can catch them, that is - they’re always on the move!

Underwater venues offering only the freshest locally caught seafood and seaweed salads grown right in their backyard. Very trendy, though fire dragons may not enjoy the atmosphere. Complete raw buffet sushi and oyster bar.

I dunno man. What do your chefs and cooks do?

To all the confused Americans on Tumblr right now experiencing the Australian Election without context: Liberals are the conservatives in Australia (poorly named, I know) who are currently in power and led by Malcolm Turnbull. Australia also has a tradition of eating sausages after voting (democracy sausage, a major feature of our elections) but many places didn’t have a BBQ. We are pissed off about both of these issues. It’s looking like neither of our two main parties is going to win majority as this point but we won’t know until Tuesday at least so there’s a lot of time to sit around saying things like “aw mate, sure hope that cunt Turnbull doesn’t get back in ay?”, “medicare, medicare, medicare” over and over until it no longer sounds like a word, and “stone the crows, a dingo stole my postal vote.” Now you can understand Australian politics as well as anyone else. You’re welcome.

This month’s survey of the dance music underground is energetic to say the least. Looking for mellow backyard BBQ jams? Hold off on those for another month. All six of our selections for May 2016 keep the tempos in the 120s or above, ranging from the ecstatic screams of the anonymous Mainline to the tribal polyrhythms of Lisbon’s DJ Marfox.

Recommended Dose: Our Favorite Dance Tracks Of May

Photo: Stephan Redel/Courtesy of the artist
Caption: House music vocalist and producer Virginia.

Breakfast! Huge spinach wrap full of scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, salsa, guacamole, and BBQ sauce! Also polished off my friends meal 😍🙌 sooo full but so delicious :) now to chill for a bit before working 12-6:30 at Lorna!


You bring a huge, dripping barbecue meatball footlong into the office for your shift behind the monitor. You are ravenous and are distracted by the intoxicating aroma and finally can’t handle putting off devouring the tantalizing sandwich one second longer and put down the monitor, stuffing it in your face. You look up, and your eyes lock with Bonnie’s. His jaw is sunken into the other side of the footlong. His eyes are swimming with lust as the BBQ sauce dribbles slowly off his chin …