bbq types

This is Guy Fieri as Gloom from the Pokémon series of video games, or “Guyoom” as I like to call him. Guyoom is a flat footed Pokémon best known for it’s clueless appearance and he drools a lot - like a lot. Guyoom is a plant/bbq type which means some of his more advanced moves involve grilling attacks and basting techniques. Although generally considered a peaceful Pokémon Guyoom will eventually evolve into a foul-smelling version of itself capable of massive solar powered blasts.

imagine.  newsies celebrating the fourth of july.

specs, henry, and race are the first ones up in the morning.  it’s 6:30 but they don’t care.  they’re running through the streets chanting “USA!  USA!” at the top of their lungs while henry holds the american flag.  when jack invites davey and les to a fourth of july party that afternoon, they expect a typical bbq type of party and instead every single newsie is just getting drunk and singing the national anthem.  naturally, race is the one to bring the fireworks and set them off.  spot conlon gets really drunk and starts crying about how great america is.  the party ends when les and davey leave because specs shows up in nothing but an american flag bikini bottom and red white and blue body paint.

Mean to Me

This is a one-shot for one of my fave writers @iwantthedean who was in search of a fluffy dean x reader inspired by “Mean to Me” by Brett Eldredge. I didn’t think I could actually do this but I heard the song and after I cleaned up my exploded ovaries, I cashed in some major muse points. Hope you enjoy it lovely! 

A/N: Sam is around but doesn’t appear in this. No warnings.

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New Preference #15- You Two are Friends and You Hook Up.


You and Harry were really great friends. You had met a few years ago and now you two are super close. You were visiting him while you were in LA for work, so he invited you to stay with him as his house in the guest and to go to one of his friend’s birthday party. He told you it was a laid back, backyard BBQ house party type thing, so you didn’t get really dressed up.

Soon you both arrive to the party and Harry immediately starts introducing you to everyone. Throughout the party, he makes sure that you feel comfortable, by staying by your side as much as possible.  He had brought you a drink and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him.

“So, are you having fun?” He asks.

“I am. Thanks for inviting me.” You smile.

“Well, thank you for coming to visit me while you’re here.” He smiles. You smile back to him and for some reason you feel a different connection between the two of you.

A few hours later, you two are back home and since it wasn’t that late, you two went out to the pool. After a bit of just swimming around and talking, you both get out and head over to the hot tub.

“I really need to get one of these.” You laugh.

“It is pretty nice.” he smiles. You smile back to him and once again you have that feeling you got back at the party. You hadn’t noticed that you two were staring at each other and coming closer together until he was right in front of you. You could feel his breath against your face and you couldn’t help but bite your lip as nerves were taking over.

Harry placed his hand on your hip, under the water before leaning in closer. “Can I kiss you?” He mumbles quietly. You don’t even give him an answer before closing what space was left between you two and pressing your lips against his. 

The hot tub was getting hot and it wasn’t just the temperature of the water before you two got out. The towels were forgotten the chairs while you two headed inside. 

Let’s just say that night, you didn’t stay in the guest room. 


You were on tour with your childhood best friend, Liam Payne. It’s been entirely too long since you last seen him, so you just couldn’t contain your excitement. You were in your room after a show earlier that night. You couldn’t sleep, probably jet lag, and so you were just laying in bed reading a book. You hear a knock on your door, so you walk over and answer it.
“Liam! Hey, what are you doing up so late?” You ask.

“I usually can’t sleep after a show. Too much adrenaline.” He smiles.

“Right, well come on in.” you smile opening the door a little bit more.

“So, how are you liking the trip so far?” He asks.

“It’s amazing! Australia is amazing. Thank you so much for inviting me.” You smile.

“Course. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my best friend.” He says laying down on your bed.

“I know.” You sigh. “Let’s promise to never go that long again. I know it’s hard with your schedule and my schedule, but still we still need to make it happen.”

“I agree. Maybe after tour we could go on holiday.” He smiles.

“That would be perfect. Maybe our families can all go too. Just like when we were younger.” You smile.

“Yes! Those were really cool.” He laughs. “Do you remember that time when we went to the beach and we pretended to get married?”

“How could I forget?” you smirk. “I gave you a seashell and you said that means we’re married.”

“Hey! I was six.” He laughs. “I thought that was how it worked.”

You giggle. “And then you kissed me.”
“That I did.” He smiles.

A bit of silence flows through the room as you both lay there next to each other for a moment. You feel Liam reach over and grab your hand. You look over at him and see him looking at you. He laces his hand in yours. You run your thumb over his hand and see him moving closer towards you. You don’t realize what he’s doing until you feel his lips against yours. You can’t help but kiss him back and move closer to him. He unlaces your hand before wrapping his arms around you. 

Eventually clothes are laying on the floor and you two are wrapped up in the sheets together. 


You had just gotten out of a relationship with your boyfriend. It wasn’t working out because you two were just drifting apart. You were going out with a group of friends to get your mind off of it. When you get to the club that you were meeting at, you see your friend Louis there as well. 

“Hey, I didn’t know you were coming.” you smile giving him a hug. 

“Yeah, I just needed to get out.” He nods. 

“Oh, yeah, you’re going through a break up too aren’t you?” you say. 

“Yep.” He nods taking a shot. 

“Well, pass one of those over here.” You smirk grabbing one of the many drinks in front of him. “To be single.” You say holding it out to him. 

He laughs and holds up his glass before drinking it. You both spend  the rest of the night drinking and talking to each other. At the end of the night, you both head out, getting into the same cab. 

“You wanna come over?” Louis says to you. 

“Sure.” You giggle taking off your heels. 

“Cool.” He nods and tells the driver where to go. Once the driver gets to the house, you both get out, stumbling a little bit as you walk towards the door. Louis laughs as he tries to get the key in the door to unlock it. You roll your eyes. 

“Oh, just give it here.” You say grabbing it from him. You put the key in right away and walk in. 

“Well, okay then.” He says following you inside. 

You throw your heels down on the floor before going over to the couch and  jumping onto it. 

“This is so comfy.” You giggle rolling around on it. 

“What the hell are you doing?” He laughs walking in the room. 

“I’m hungry.” You say. “Order a pizza.” 

“I swear you’re even more bossy when you’re drunk.” He says. 

“Hey! I am not drunk!” You say with a bit of a hiccup. 

Louis just roll his eyes before joining you on the couch. He grabs his phone to order the pizza and that’s when you see the picture of his ex is still his background. 

“You can’t be serious.” You say trying to grab his phone from him. 

“I just haven’t changed it yet.” He says. 

“No, you’re still holding on! I deleted all that shit the second after I broke up with him.” You say. “Here it’s like ripping off a bandaid, just get it over with.” You say trying to get his phone again. 

He leans back keeping the phone out of your reach, when you both realize that you’re hovering over him and you were straddling his lap. You both stop for a bit, looking up at one another before you both lean in for a kiss. The next thing you know, you both are half naked heading to his bedroom, completely forgetting about that pizza and everything thing. 


You were over your friend Niall’s house for a BBQ. He was back from tour and now that the weather was starting to be nice, he wanted to have a big BBQ for all of his friends to come to. You had went over early, to help him get everything ready and now that the party was practically over, you were staying after to help him clean everything up. 

“I have to say Niall, the food was delicious.” you say bringing all the plates and napkins to the trash. 

“Well, they don’t call me Chef Niall for nothin;.” He smirks. 

“No one calls you that.” You laugh. 

“They should.” He smirks back at you. 

You laugh rolling your eyes. It took about an hour or so for everything to be cleaned up and put in the bin. 

“Wanna chill for a bit and have a beer before ya leave?” He asks. 

“Sure.” You nod. He grabs a couple of beers, opening them before handing you one. 

The fire pit was still going, so you two sat outside around it. 

“Today was really fun.” You smile. “I’m glad you’re back.” 

“Me too. I definitely doing more of this before I leave again.” He says taking a sip of his beer. 

“Well, I’ll be glad to help again.” you say. 

“Thanks again for the help. I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this me self.” He says. 

“No, you probably couldn’t have.” you joke. “But I’m glad to be of help. I like getting to spend time with you now that you’re back.” 

“I know what you mean.” He smiles over to you. 

A little bit later, you decide that you better go. Niall puts out the fire and you both walk inside. You were just about to head towards the front door, when Niall grabs your hand pulling you back towards him. 

“Wait.” He says. 

“Yeah?” You ask looking at him. 

He doesn’t answer you, he kisses you. At first you’re shocked, but then you respond to the kiss by wrapping your arms around his neck. It doesn’t take long before he’s walking you both back towards his bedroom.


Let’s not forget the real reason for this “holiday” weekend. It’s not a “Happy” Memorial Day. Stop say “Happy.”
So many protectors of this country have been lost since the beginning. Still to this day many are losing their lives and many are losing their loved ones to protect this country. This isn’t some party, BBQ type weekend. Enough with that. Think about all the families who have gone through so much pain and the families who are still going through an enormous amount of pain because of losing someone they love.
Take a moment of silence to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.
Just sit back and remember…

All gave some, some gave all.
A salute to you all who have lost your lives for our freedom.
Fly high fighters. Fly high.


I am Swen

I’m Lisa. I’m 30. I work, I zumba, I live in the U.S.  I write a lot. I go on a lot of dates and spend a lot of time with friends and family. I recently got ordained online because my friends asked me to officiate their wedding next month. I love talking to people and I love all kinds of food. I’ve always got a new hobby I’m working on. Currently, I’m learning how to smoke meats and the various types of BBQ. I love my 2 dogs: Fonzie and Chumley, so much. I’m looking forward to summer because I love to kayak and be out on/near water.

I love Swan Queen

I’ve been in this SQ fandom since the beginning of OUAT. I took a long break from writing, but wanted to start up again. I started writing SQ fanfic because I had read every single story that existed at the time and decided to write my own because I needed more. I am into other shows and ships just nothing has called to me as strongly and as long as Swan Queen. I’m looking forward to finishing up some long overdue works in progress, and writing for the SQ big bang.

I love SWEN

There are so many fabulous, sweet, talented, supportive adorable people in this fandom! I adore so many of you and frequently stalk all the blogs. I am in awe of the artists and vidders, and I spend an unhealthy and unproductive amount of time reading fanfic. I have to give a major shoutout to Scribb1es, Helebette, them0sthappy,kitteninthesky, anursingdegreeinfeelings and giftofamber for being my first and coolest tumblr buds. I adore anything in my ask box and I love, love, funny shiz.. Also, it really confuses me when peeps change their urls so I apologize if I accidentally unfollow someone cool.