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Trans Gender Chef and artist needs place asap

-Hello all thanks for reading.

I am a 43 yr old chef. MTF fulltime and almost 2 years into HRT. 

I am looking for a room in Los Angeles or long beach area. Short term is ok, but ideally i would like to find a good drama free and fun long term arrangement. I laugh and like to have fun with life and focus on the things that make us better people. I own a struggling catering company in the area and also do private chef work. In addition I will be going back to fine art school at the end of the year , I am a sculptor, painter, visual artist and photography. And i will have full grants to do so. Then i will be able to be more picky with the work I choose. And work with my TG community to better the lives of the tg girls and boys.

So my story and how I came to be writing this post.

4 years ago I first started my transition, my company was doing well, and I was happily a full time fine arts student. Then the phone rang, it was my family from many states away. Long story shot mom was diagnosed with gleo blastoma brain cancer and given 4 mo to live. They asked if I could be her care giver. Of coarse i did, dropped out of school, sold the company, hopped on a plane. I did not trust those doctors 4 mo eval so I put her on a holistic diet and took good care of her, she lasted 2 ½ years!! then heart heavy, and emotionally exhausted, I flew back to cali.

Spent some time in san deigo earning enough to get my catering equipment back, company web site ect all back.

A friend says hey move back up to LA i have a room and will help with the company! I said YES as a start up is a lot of work and doing it solo is hard.  I get up there and she FULLY lied to me. So I spent a ton of the last money i had to rent a truck and everything it took to move. she had a couch not a room. wouldn’t even lift a box to help, and come to find out she was 8 months behind in rent. was basically a con job in hopes I would bail her out!

So here i sit, she and me will be kicked out soon, all my business equipment ( including a portable kitchen that sets up as a 10’ x20’ texas BBQ smoke house) and my service dog and best friend. ( he was my moms service dog and all i have left of her )

I have a LOT going on, and that will happen, just not with the means to fix this immediate situation. I am on it every day, I just hope i dont loose everything when I am soooo close. Somethig will happen, i have hope and love, thats why I am putting this out there.

I know that was a long post but I wanted to be honest and give details.

If you can help call, text or email.

April Duram


Thank you and cheers!