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Lavinia by Tony
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A surprise visit from My grandaughter Lavinia. Lavinia has completed her last course of Chemotherapy after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma. She is slowly recovering and is getting her appitite back, and has started to grow her hair as well. She was due to see the specialst last week but unfortunatly her white bllod count was far too low, so will have to wait a few weeks again. It was great to get the family together again for a celebration party. Four generations with my newest grandaughter Rose just a week old.



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To be published Apr 14, 2017

Leigh is a family home built on a 40 x 30 lot in Newcrest.

Value $277,208

It has
3 Bedrooms (1 Adult Bedroom, 1 Teen Bedroom,1 Child/Toddler Bedroom),
3 Bathrooms,
Living Room,
Kitchen/Dining Room,

Outside there is a
Table and Chairs,
Garden Planters,
Swimming Pool,
Hot Tub.

This house has No Custom Content.

Hope you all like.

250 Follower Gift!

Holy cow!  It’s happened again – another milestone.

I really do want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  When I joined this community I really didn’t expect such a following yet here we are.  I am honored by support and friendship.  It means so much to me.

To show my gratitude, I’ve got a new house to share with everyone!  It’s a cute little 1 bedroom house for a couple who are eco-minded.

More images and download below the cut.

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Not Yet Dead Poets Society

Every Friday, at 4pm on the dot (or maybe a little sooner), someone will shout across the office: “I call POETS!”. Cheers will ring out all around, and, more often than not, it will be Hannu, the Flying Fin, who is the first to make it official by cracking open a beer.

Poets is a long-standing work tradition, not just at the Shutta office, but everywhere around the English-speaking countries. It stands for – and do please pardon my French – “Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday”, because there is simply no better way to celebrate that the weekend has finally arrived than by starting those blissful two days off a couple of hours early. Strictly speaking, Poets means that anyone is free to go home early, but in practice, at Shutta, it means that the beers come out and the BBQ gets going.

Shutta has honoured the tradition of Poets from the day we opened our first office, even before the first employees joined, when it was just James and me. In those days (and for many of us this is still true today), weekends were an alien concept. Saturdays and Sundays were as much taken up with work as any other day of the week, but even then, it felt good to celebrate with friends, just for a few hours. Poets pretty much was our entire weekend, condensed into 5 hours.

You could even say that the tradition started when we were office hunting. For both of us, it was important that the Shutta office be an inside-outside experience. We’re fortunate enough to be based in a stunningly beautiful country, abound with lush greenery, even in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. No boxed-in startup office with cool graffiti of trees and nature for us, we wanted the real deal: a garden to have meetings in, a garden to take a breather in, and of course, a garden to have office parties and BBQs in.

Poets is our form of “nominication”: the ancient Japanese tradition with a modern name of communicating over drinks after work. The invitation to share some food and drinks is extended well beyond the core Shutta team. As the group of people stopping by on a Friday afternoon grew, it quickly earned the nickname Not Yet Dead Poets Society, and a Facebook group to manage “official” communications was formed. Amongst the members you will find Shutta users, journalists, clients, investors, suppliers, and friends of the same. The only rule is that only an existing member can invite a new Poet to join into the fun.

Some Poets are small and intimate, with less than 10 of us, sharing a few beers and crisps. Others are vibrant and busy, with maybe 50 people showing up throughout the afternoon and into the evening. We suspect it is when word gets out that Hannu has made his famous cream cheese and spring-onion dip or when photos of Sylke’s criminally indulgent cheesy bread are leaked, that the Poets come running to join in. The impromptu fire-extinguisher battle that broke out between Jonny and Freddy equally drew a crowd (please don’t try this out, it’s bound to get you into trouble!).

But the objective of Poets is not to be the best Friday afternoon party venue in town nor is it a networking event, although more than one deal or collaboration has started out with two likeminded people meeting at a Friday Poets for the first time. Poets is simply an opportunity for anyone related to Shutta to come together and chill. No formalities, no service, no airs and graces. An old wheelbarrow as a BBQ, a Coke fridge stocked up with cold ones, and a ready-made excuse to start the weekend early, in the company of friends. That’s what Poets is to us, and you can bet your bottom dollar, it’s happening this Friday.

Barbara Ximenez,

Shutta co-founder.

All pics by Shutta crew.


I finished a couple of apartment blocks today - in this one I tired to make the layouts different on each floor. I didn’t take pics of the interior since there are so many rooms and also I used the same items in each apartment.

There’s a pool, hot tub, bbq, garden plots for each apartment to grow crops if I want them to and the first floor has a private yard

Spencer Reid & Cuddle - Fluff Prompt Request

This was requested by @milkandcookies528 <3

Prompt: 95 - “Come cuddle.” with Spencer Reid. 

Warnings: none 

Characters: Spencer Reid x Reader, mention of the team

A/N: okay this is the last requested prompt and i kinda was very uncreative with it. But still, I hope you´ll like it :) 

After dating for almost two years, Spencer and Y/N decided that it was about time to meet and tell the team about their relationship. As a matter of fact, they chose kinda neutral circumstances, so they invited the team plus Jack, Henry and Will to a BBQ in the garden of their new owned house. 

After being nervous the whole entire week, Y/N was happy and relieved when the day finally arrived and she got to meet the people her boyfriend called family. As the first members of Spencer´s team arrived, she was kinda shy and hid behind Spencer. Doubts clouded her mind. 

What, if they did not like her? What, if they think that she wasn´t good enough for their genius? She was just an elementary school teacher and half as intelligent as him. 

All doubts flew away when they finally sat down at the beautifully made table outside on the terrasse and they enjoyed their dinner and started to talk. Soon, Y/N was engaged into a conversation with Penelope, Emily and JJ, but also the men of the team tried talking to her. What started slow, developed into a quite delightful night and as it turned towards midnight, the team decided to leave. They thanked the couple for the invitation and were hoping to see Y/N again soon (which was especially requested by Garcia who actually di not want to leave yet). They said their goodbyes and when the last one was gone, Y/N closed the door, leaned against it and sighed. 

“Are you okay?”, Reid asked as he carried in the rest of the plates and put them in the sink. 

“Yep, I could not be better.”, Y/N said and joined him in the kitchen, hugging him from behind. 

Spencer turned around, put his arms around her waist and kissed her. All the stress of the past few days finally started to fall off. 

After breaking the kidd, he smiled at her and grabbed her hand. He pulled his girlfriend with him. 

“What are you doing? We need to clean up.”, Y/N protested as Reid pulled her into their bedroom. 

“The dishes can wait.”, he said as he let go of her and threw himself on their bed, “come cuddle.” 

He patted the space beside him. Y/N smiled and repeated what her boyfriend did some seconds ago. She scooted closer to him and when he wrapped a protective arm around her, she lay her head on his chest, closing her eyes and listened to his steady heartbeat. They kept laying like this for quite some time until Y/N broke the silence. 

“Thank you!”

“For what?”, Spencer wondered and smiled down at her. 

“For letting me meet your team, your family and the people who take up a lot of space in your life and heart.” 

“Just like you, Y/N. You are the most important person in my life right now. Thank you for accepting my friends. I´m happy you enjoyed the evening as much as I did. I love you!”

“I love you too! So much!”; and with this, they botch started to drift off into a pieceful sleep.