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ikontrashimagines: MASTERLIST

tbh I don’t really like KNOW what a masterlist is but I KNOW what it is anyway if I did this wrong sue me- 

skip to the bottom to see who I accept requests for (-:



iKON Reactions-

iKON Reaction to: You Sexting Them 

iKON Reaction to: Their Partner Being Able to Rap

iKON Reaction to: You Speaking Your First Language w/ A Family Member

iKON Reaction to: Getting in a Big Fight w/ Their Partner and Finding Out Their Pregnant Later On 

iKON Reaction to: Going Into A Haunted House w/ Them

iKON Reaction to: Speaking Your First Language When You’re Mad (specifically English by Request)

iKON Reaction to: You Continously Bringing Home a Pet w/o Telling Them

iKON Reaction to: You Having Tattoos

iKON Reaction to: The Two of You Play-Wrestling and a Member Walks in w/ You On Their Lap

iKON Reaction to: Seeing You in a Bikini/Swimsuit for the First Time

iKON Reaction to: You Waiting for Them to Finish Something & Falling Asleep

iKON Stories-

Jinhwan: Coming Home and Finding Him “Busy”

Pyromania w/ Hanbin- Pt. 1 (eventual smut, genre: fluff/comedy/romance/angst/drama)

Pyromania w/ Hanbin Pt. 2 

Pyromania w/ Hanbin Pt. 3

Junhoe SMUT: Trying to Get Ready for an Event but Junhoe Gets Handsy

Junhoe SMUT: Call Me (You’re an Idol and Nervous To Meet Him) -NSFW GIFS INCLUDED/ BEWARE OF THE VISUALS

Bobby FLUFF: Something to Say (Bobby Confesses in the Car After Seeing a Movie)

Jinhwan ANGST/SMUT: Liar Pt. 1 (His GF is Using Him and the Two Of You, Best Friends Since Birth, Get in a Huge Fight Over it) SMUT

Jinhwan Angst/Smut: Liar Pt. 2 

Jinhwan Angst/Smut: Liar Pt. 3

iKON Messages-

The Boys Teasing You Because of Your Crush on Bobby

You Getting in a Fight and Them Texting You

iKON Ships (Short Stories/ Ship Member x You)-

Yunhyeong Ship #1- Meeting Yunhyeong and Him Being Impressed at Your Soccer Skills, First Date, etc. 

Bobby Ship #1- Being His Best Friend and Him Confessing He Likes you, First Date, etc. 

Jinhwan Ship #1- Fluff, Running into Him (Literally), Coffee Shop Date, etc. 

Chanwoo Ship #1- Meeting Chanwoo at a Party, Confessing His Feelings for You In The Woods, etc. 

Yunhyeong Ship #2- Yunhyeong Making the Girl You’re Babysitting Cry, Him Making Up For It, Him Confessing After You Storm Out Jealous, First Date at The Aquarium

Junhoe Ship #1- Meeting Junhoe at One of Their Concerts as Jinhwan’s Cousin, Going to an Amusement Park and Him Helping You Get Over Your Acrophobia, Fight Scenario (requested)

Jinhwan Ship #2- Being Jinhwan’s Childhood BFF, Him Confessing His Feelings on a Balcony Late at Night, First Date at the Beach

Bobby Ship #2- Meeting Bobby in a Haunted House, Confessing His Feelings During Movie Night, First Date w/ You Asking Him To Be Yours at a Concert

Donghyuk Ship #1- Being an Artist and Having Donghyuk Compliment Your Work, Him Asking You Out the Next Time He Sees You, First Date On The Same Day as His Confession

Bobby Ship #3- Meeting Bobby at an iKONTACT, Him Asking Taking You to Meet His Family & His Confession

Jinhwan Ship #3- Him Being Your Best Friend’s Cousin, Staying at His House, Him Comforting Your Homesickness, Confession, and First Date at the Museum + Surprise Gift

Hanbin Ship #1- Hanbin Finding You in His Secret Stop, Him Confessing w/ Rose Petals in Said Secret Spot, First Date at an Inn


Big Bang:

Big Bang Stories-

Mine- G-Dragon (You Get Jealous of CL and G-Dragon Finds You w/ a Replacement Him) SMUT


Monsta X:

Monsta X Messages

The Boys Teasing You About Wonho’s Abs

Monsta X Reactions

Monsta X Reaction to: You Having Tattoos

Monsta X Reaction to: Seeing You in a Swimsuit/Bikini for the First Time

Monsta X Reaction to: Meeting Your Family at a BBQ (Easter Edition)


-iKON (obvi)
-Big Bang
-BTS/Bangtan Boys
-Monsta X

anonymous asked:

Okay I can't stop watching the Fried Chicken & Korean BBQ Korea edition... because David Chang is like so enamored by them??? And now I just want chef Chang like not so subtly setting them up.

wow I …… didn’t know I needed this until now holy shit he would he was so charmed