Here was my barrel mill attempt. I am currently working on this and cleaning up my windmills.

First off, my mills weren’t as clean as usual in this video because I was tired from earlier sessioning. So, my legs weren’t that straight, so don’t say anything about that.

Next, I try to get on my shoulder and head when I do mill, but I can’t get it right until I try to do the barrel. Once I get that I should be able to do head mills. As you see in the slow-mo I get on my shoulders and my head when I try to do the barrel. After I get on my head and turn a little I can’t seen to but my arms on the floor like it should be to keep turning and my legs won’t spread out and turn with the rest of my body :/


Air chairs through out the years :D

The first move I learned in bboying. It comes and goes. Sometimes I am really good and sometimes I can’t do them. I don’t practice them that much anymore :/

I use to be able to hold them well, kind of drop into them, roll back into them, and pop into them.

The one I did the air chair pike was last year when I was really good with them and I did that from a blow up from a baby freeze.

The one with behind the back air chair was when my left hand was grabbing my right tricep. Hard as fuck to do D:

Then the last air chair was me doing a roll back air chair :3

practicing air babies. getting there.

p.s. i have no effing idea why my thumbs like that

p.s.s. yes thats a dance mat made from beer cases. its double layers and is 6x8x2 so about 100 cases of beer total. and i had about 20. and no i did not drink it all to get them xD