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Kill vs. Shorty Force (w) | Red Bull BC One Busan Cypher | Finals | 2013
Busan Cypher had a lot of dope bboys and power heads. I’m glad it ended with Kill and Shorrty Force because they are for sure some of my favorites! Kill got tired towards the end and seemed to repeat, but it was pretty close because Shorty Force was a little sloppy, but kept things pretty consistent… Okay that’s my silly analysis on this~

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Bboy Shorty Force | Recap | Red Bull BC One | Busan Cypher 2013

Currently my favorite Bboy! Not only does he have intricate/clean power, but a creative/smooth flow with his footwork as well! Pretty much the bboy I was aspiring to be since I first watched a recap of him last year.
great video, Great Bboy, GREAT LUCK (So he can beat vero lol…)