bbomb spam

B-Bomb gif spam~^-^

I thought why not bc it’s babe’s birthday tomorrow :)
Here we go~~

✓ Although he is cute (dem dimples), don’t let that fool you. He’s a total pervert (like Kyung)

See what I mean? Block B members just casually slapping his butt. He’s all butt. While I was searching these gifs I found a few other gifs…

Excuse me what are you doing…?D:

You have been too long with this greaseball B-Bombie D:


D: after D:

My otp U-Bomb. You are not helping Minhyukie…


I can’t these two gif are way too funny:’D

I see it! :3 Congrats on your face Kwonnie

Dancing mashiiines ft. embarrassing maknae:D

Yeah shut up biatch you love him really.


I said don’t lie you greaseball, you loved it really. And B-Bomb’s face says it.

*Raises eyebrown* So what it was?

So….*cough* You were saying?

We know ✓

Bonus: BBomb dancing to a dog

Nah I just think rapping might not be your thing ;D

;D Just few more gifs of him^^

I don’t even know:D

He is loved, he loves them, Block B is life♥:D

Happy birthday to Lee Minhyuk a.k.a the pervy good-looking B-Bomb♥

(Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owners!^^)