Block B - Shall We Dance (Japanese Version Music Video)

Him as a Boyfriend: BLOCK B B-BOMB


  • Cute;
  • Sexy
  • Dangerous to be around;
  • A high chance of you having a heart attack cause of this man;
  • You know the way he always goes on that he’s 19+ material and all that;
  • Well he ain’t lying;
  • That much anyway;
  • But his aegyo is a weapon as well;
  • And when he uses the two ultimate techniques together it’s like a fucking atomic bomb;
  • Boom and you’re dead;
  • He’s also pretty fucking weird;
  • He keeps accusing Block B of becoming that way tho;
  • Now that’s a lie, since he’s just weird as shit;
  • Acts like a child a lot;
  • It doesn’t work more than half the times he does it tho;
  • Has a soft heart okay don’t hurt him;
  • Protecc and love and rub his belly;
  • He’s like a cat in a sense;
  • You’d also become his number one pillar of support;
  • You’ll see a whole new side of this man;
  • Get to realize how much of a human being he actually is;
  • That smiling for days on is actually mentally draining and he needs your help to get him relaxed and ready for a new day;
  • MinHyuk is also actually very romantic;
  •      I know, whatta surprise;
  • He likes to plan stuff in secret to surprise you and get a good reaction from you;
  • So like a roadtrip with everything planned and ready to go;
  • Also likes to give you a lot of gifts and shower you with love;
  • He’s just a ball of fluffy floof, you know? ;
  • And really all he expected from you was to see him as a human being and not an idol;
  • The love that you have him was barely but a bonus for his efforts;
  • He’d love you very much and it would be very clear.