sleep spell

what you need:
-1 blue tealight candle (you may substitute for white or any calming color you like)
-1 piece quartz
-1 piece amethyst
-1 piece lapis lazuli (if not available, you can also just use another amethyst)
-1 piece blue or white thread, long enough to create a circle around your stones

begin by arranging the stones in a triangular formation that points towards you, with enough room in the middle for the tealight. make sure the stone pointing towards you is the quartz. circle your thread around the formation, leaving the ends loose opposite of the quartz.

you may now cast a circle if you wish.

take a few deep breaths and focus on your intent. this may be something like “i wish for restful sleep this night,” an affirmation such as “i shall sleep peacefully tonight,” or however you like to phrase your intent.

with the line you have chosen in mind, light your candle, directing the energy of your intent into the flame.

once lit, gaze into the flame. try to keep the flame calm, steady, and gentle, just as you wish to feel in your sleep. while doing this, tie the loose ends of the thread together away from you to close in the peaceful energy, and push out any stress, fears, or worries you may have.

from here, you may touch each stone, if you wish, both thumbs on the quartz and your indexes on the other two stones. feel the calm energy vibrate through your fingertips all the way up and through you. if you like, you may close your eyes and speak these lines softly, though this is not mandatory:

tonight i wish for the deepest sleep,
to restore my mind, my heart, my soul,
and peaceful thoughts that i shall keep

and when i awaken, morning light aglow,
my gentle rested soul may rise again,
to meet the light and keep it so!

stay still yet relaxed, fingers against the stones as you take in the free, weightless energy. when you are ready, you may take a deep, cleansing breath, and gently blow away the candle’s flame, thanking it for the peace and calm it provided you with, or you may set the candle beside your bed (preferably on a nightstand, but at least something stable) to burn out as you settle into your sheets and begin to grow tired.

thats all for this spell, though i do like to gather my quartz, lapis, and amethyst to set under my pillow to keep the energy connected to my physical self as i sleep!

that said, i wish you all a deep, calming, and peaceful sleep tonight, and hope that this spell may help you in your journey to it!

blessed be to all! - bebe