Hey guys Sam (popstarboyfriends) will be doing the updates from now on. She’ll be using the same tag I did, so those of you who do use the tag can still find them. I know she’ll do a great job so I hope everyone supports her as much as you all supported me! She should have one out sometime tonight :))) Please reblog this to get the word out and everyone go follow her so you don’t miss anything!!!

Also thank to everyone for being so wonderful about my letting them go. Surprisingly I haven’t seemed to have lost any followers yet, and I expected to lose about half of you lol. You guys are the greatest honestly and I love you all so much! xoxo

Hey guys Sam (popstartboyfriends) is taking a tumblr hiatus. She doesn’t know how long. I really /really/ don’t want to take over the updates again. Is anyone interested that is REALLY interested? Like wants to stick with it? It takes a lot of work and commitment. Send me a message if you think you’d like to do it and we can talk about it.

Until I find someone else to do it I guess I’ll do them, so please, someone come to my rescue LOL.

Exciting news, Kristi (thebravedontsurrender) has taken over the updates! She is going to post the first one tonight and it’s sooo good! So please go follow her if you don’t already. She’ll also still be tagging the updates with bbnewsupdates, like I used to.

Feel free to send her a message or words of encouragement bc starting the updates is HARD! Also, if you guys could PLEASE reblog the update, not just like it that would be great. Even though I stopped the updates quite awhile ago, I still get people asking me if I’m doing them. So, the more ppl that see her update the better!!!