Inspired by a Summers evening sunset!

I had a great response to my colourful image from a recent photo shoot with photographer, Martin Higgs.
We setup a camera to capture some of the makeup in action!
This video is part 2 (look 3 from the shoot), if you missed part 1 on my avant garde creation then scroll down a few posts!
Here is a quick run through on how to create this colourful look.

Product: @lorealparisusa infallible mattifying primer and foundation
Price: $29.95 AUD each
Location (by convenience): @pricelineau
SPOILER ALERT! I love this product, and this is why.
For those of you who have followed me through my insta journey, you’ll know I have terribly dry skin, which has always prevented me from using a lot of foundations, including all from any matte range. I bet you can tell where I’m going with this - this is the first ever matte foundation I’ve been able to successfully wear LONG TERM without caking or flaking. I haven’t been able to test the 24hr claimed longevity of this, but I have successfully worn this for approx 15hrs without having to touch up or anything. This is also using the matching primer, though I have heard from many that you achieve similar results without purchasing the primer also.
It’s got a fairly basic range of colours, though the packaging is marvellous. I personally only need a pinky nail worth of product to cover my entire face.
So is it worth it? Yes. Though if you’re still skeptical I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this until it is on sale. I say this because all skin types are different, but I can happily say as I 24/7 dry skin person, I can happily wear this without a drama.
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Review: ELF Blemish Control Face Primer

What it is:  A lightweight face primer with 2% salicylic acid

What it does:  Fills in fine lines and pores while helping to control blemishes

What it costs:  $6

Where to get it: 

Similar to:  Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer

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New! Avocado Co-wash, our staff went wild when they smelt this!😍This fresh avocado wash (also known as conditioner-washing) gently cleanses without stripping the hair of its naturally protective oils. Just get hair wet and slip a piece of this co-wash directly over hair (or make a silky lather in your hands first). Distribute evenly through hair then wash off for silky, hydrated hair. If you’re not convinced yet, you’ll be instantly converted by the burst of limey fragrance with sweet, fruity bergamot oil. #cowash #avocado #shampoo #solidshampoo #naturalhair #hair #haircare #freshthinking #new #newproducts #handmade #lushsummer2015 #lushuk #instalush #lushaddict #crueltyfree #bbloggers #lushhaul #lushreviews #lush #lushportsmouth #vegetarian @lushltd

Top 3 catalogues for beauty products

With dozens of catalogues selling beauty supplies and products, which one should you shop with?

Depending on what you are looking for, and how you plan on using the supplies, each consumer will choose something different. These are a few of the top options to consider for UK shoppers, looking for beauty products. 


With an extensive range of products, supplies for anyone, and with affordable pricing, you can find nearly anything you are looking for on the site. From botox supplies, to mascara, eyeshadow and lash tools, makeup, foundation, and nearly any cosmetic or anti-aging product you are looking for, this site carries it all. Women, and men, will find a variety of products, sold by top name brand beauty suppliers on the site. 

2. Avon UK 

Probably the most well known beauty supplier in the UK and US (as well as other regions of the world), you can find nearly anything in the world of beauty on this site as well. If you are looking for anti-aging supplies, new age defying supplies, creams, lotions, ointment, makeup, and other health and beauty products, this site has it all.

With great financing options, different discounts and promotions, and new products coming out regularly, you can find it all. And, with one of the most recognised names in catalogue shopping (not just beauty catalogues), you can trust the supplies and items ordered through the site.

For more information on the finance options available with online beauty catalogues, check out  They provide an online guide on how to shop online with credit catalogues. 


A final site to consider for beauty supplies is Beauty Express. Carrying discount cosmetics and makeup lines, anti-aging products, and the most well known cosmetic and beauty supply lines in the world, you will find high quality beauty supplies, for a low price. Salon consumables, nail supplies, haircare, makeup, and more. If you need it to take care of your skin, face, or other health and wellness needs, this site is going to carry the product lines you are looking for.



*Above picture was created by Vesna Obradovic using her Karla Cosmetics lip brushes

simplisic asked:

I've heard (youtube, blogs) so many people talk about how they got samples from sephora/mac/etc. and I wanna know how ?? (Btw I love your blog! You're so helpful)

Hi, thank you!

All you have to do is… walk into the store, and ask one of the people that work there, “Hey, I’m interested in trying a new ___________ (foundation, cleanser, etc)  Could you help me find a couple to try some samples of?”  Sephora will give you up to three customized samples of pretty much anything in the store, and I believe it’s the same number for MAC?  I’m not positive, but if you are genuinely interested in trying something, most stores, including counters at Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc, will give you a sample to try if you ask nicely.  Don’t just walk in and be like, “Hey do you have any free samples?”  The people that work there are trained well and want to genuinely help you find something that will work for you, so don’t abuse the system.  When you shop online on, you also have the option to add free samples to your cart when you check out.

Another way to get free stuff from Sephora is to sign up for their Beauty Insider rewards system.  Chances are if you’ve ever shopped there before you’re already signed up.  Beauty Insider is a points system, and once you reach 100 points or more (just don’t try for the 1000+ points, lol) you can redeem for free deluxe minis of products.  Beauty Insider also gives you a free birthday gift, and if you get to higher levels you can get other random free gifts throughout the year!  Ulta has a similar rewards system, but their points go towards money off of a purchase.

Hope this helps you!  Happy shopping!  :)


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