BBL3 is Here!

After many months of patience, the long awaited season 3 of The Big Break Legacy is finally on our door steps with the Call to entry going out on the 8th of October.

This week for our #BBLChat we will be chatting to Ezra Ndwandwe, brain-child and host of this one of a kind entrepreneurial reality TV-series, about the call to entry and the upcoming season 3.

Join us at 8pm on Twitter (@BigBreakLegacy) this Thursday, 09 October 2014, to hear from Ezra what we have in store for South Africa’s entrepreneurs this season.

Questions we will be asking Ezra:

Q1: What are you most looking forward to from the new season 3?

Q2: How will this season of BBL be different from last year?

Q3: Why is it being done in the North West province? Will this not alienate the other provinces?

Q4: It is now a call for entries. How will this work?

Q5: Is there something you are specifically looking for from this season’s hopeful entrants?

Q6: How will it run on TV, the same format as last year or will it be different?

Q7: And finally the question on everyone’s lips; When is the show going to be on our TV screen?