we’re only a week into january and

  • d*nielle cheated~ on louis
  • br*ana got hacked….
  • ….and then exposed herself as the hacker
  • d*uis breakup rumors were allowed to spread over 24hrs
  • louis was announced as an SJPR client
  • br*ana deactivated her ig for “privacy reasons”…..
  • …..but gave her fans her address
  • antis are more pressed than ever

let me reiterate…. it’s only been a week

Some people influence the masses…
Some influence the people that influence the masses.
In a world where opinions matter remember this: the opinion you have of yourself is far more important than any other opinion. I only answer to my Creator and my Creator reminds me everyday that I am perfect. There are many people in this world that influence and inspire me. I am a culmination. And I too am inspiration. And I pay respect where it’s due. Because I am no better than you. Feel me? Mmkay, good. Stuff on toast inspired by @stuffontoast & @talinegabriel ❤ Toasted sourdough smeared with almond butter & dark hazelnut spread, topped with dried figs, fresh strawberries, desiccated coconut and chopped pistachios. And yes, it took 5 minutes to prepare cuz ain’t nobody got time for that. ⚡ Right? @bleuseven 😹 Lazy vegan gals know how to fake the funk. But it’s still funky fresh, ya with me? Haha X

You don’t need to work at getting healthy; health is something you already have if you don’t disturb it.
You may have disturbed your healthy body by overfeeding it, under-exercising it and overstimulating it with toxins or drugs that make it sick, fatigued, jumpy, anxious, depressed, bloated, ornery or an endless list of maladies. You can live a life of self-respect by honoring the temple that houses you. You know what to do. You don’t need another diet, workout manual or personal trainer. Go within, listen to your body and treat it with all of the dignity and love that your self-respect demands.

Pasta Primavera made with roasted vegetables, penne pasta, fresh cherry tomatoes and avocado and nooch.

Be stronger than your excuses 💪I know it’s SO EASY to say “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”. We all know that rarely happens. Get your #bbg workout in anyday! It’s 28 minutes 3 times a week plus some cardio, or for me a little dog walking 😝www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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