BeBevCo States Starting of Completely-Held Subsidiary in NYC

Bebida Beverage Company (OTC markets: BBDA) (BeBevCo), a builder, producer and also marketer of liquid relaxation method & energy products, introduced currently the beginning of their new fully-owned part inside New York metropolitan place for your circulation of BeBevCo’s items like the number 1 liquid relaxation beverage KOMA UNWIND “Liquid Relaxation” ™ the short rising Relax 5 shots in addition to NY distribution in the Hangover Recovery Shot from Hangover Joes, (OTC markets: HJOE) the number one Hangover Recovery shot in the commercial as well as the dubious but incredibly well-liked and hugely caffeinated Cocaine Energy Drink and shots. The corporation added over the next month or so BeBevCo of NY may also be selling a unique Piranha Water and also Potencia Energy brands.

BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber said, “We are proud to announce the launching of our own totally had subsidiary. Each of the papers is final and then we are in possession of a serious distribution function in the Big Apple. Young kids the distribution of Hangover Joes and Cocaine Energy Drink represents a brand new stream of income which opportunity is going to be capitalized lets start work on adding more beverages and stuff we are able to distribute through our Ny subsidiary.”

Weber continued, “As an alternative to build our distribution out through networks of smaller operations, we are going to eventually have our very own distribution facilities in key areas across the Us and abroad. This is simply not to say we are not going to carry on and work with independent distributors through the country but that people will certainly take matters more into our very own hands and control your own destiny.”

Concerning bbda : BeBevCo (Bebida Beverage Company) develops manufactures and marketplaces liquid relaxation items which include KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation” ™, KOMA Unwind Sugar-free “Liquid Relaxation” ™ and KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation” Shot™ and also Potencia Energy, Potencia “BLAST” energy shot, Relax 5 shots and Piranha Water

Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow not dead, says Carice van Houten

Game Of Thrones star Carice van Houten has said she does not believe Jon Snow is really dead.

The 38-year-old actress, who plays Red Priestess Melisandre in the bloodthirsty series, remains unconvinced of the demise of the warrior (portrayed by Kit Harington) in the series five finale.

Carice van Houten plays Melisandre (Evan Agostini/Invision)

“No, he can’t be dead. No!” she said at the London Film And Comic Con.

Theon, Sansa, Davos, Melisandre, Brienne #comicon

— Carice van Houten (@caricevhouten) July 11, 2015

Carice also weighed in on fans’ theory that her character could bring Jon back to life, as fellow Red priest Thoros of Mry did for people in the second series.

“I’ve seen that on the internet; like I’ve seen stuff saying, ‘We’ll forgive you if you save him’,” she said.

However, the Dutch actress admitted she has also received Twitter threats from fans, after Melisandre’s involvement in the brutal death of Shireen Baratheon (Kerry Ingram).

“I had so many people on Twitter telling me ‘F**k off, b***h’,” she recalled.

“I’ve never had so many death wishes in my life. It was so interesting to experience that. I mean, I knew it was coming – I thought, I’m not gonna get any more sympathy after this!”

All I want to say is, nobody’s received ANY scripts yet. We’re still in the dark. Just like anyone else. #gotseason6

— Carice van Houten (@caricevhouten) June 28, 2015

The sixth series of Game Of Thrones is scheduled to start shooting in coming days, with a return to UK screens in 2016.

今彩539 頭獎槓龜






臨時會不開 柯:還是決定於馬總統一念之間

反課綱爭議持續,立法院決議不開臨時會,對於臨時會不開 ,柯文哲說,「講到最後,還是決定於馬總統的一念之間。」柯文哲呼籲,教育部要持續與學生溝通。另外對於吳思華部長昨天(3號)與學生對談時翻白眼,部長表示是眼睛累了,柯文哲說,這種小細節不要理。(林麗玉報導)





日遊戲公司 「朝鮮式」管理

【明報專訊】曾經開發過《Metal Gear》、《寂靜嶺》呢啲遊戲名作嘅日本遊戲公司Konami,喺帶畀玩家歡樂嘅同時,近排就將好多員工送入噩夢一般嘅地獄。據《日經新聞》報道,自靈魂人物小島秀夫早排離巢自立門戶後,公司對於一班留任員工採取朝鮮式管理,實行唔畀上網、唔準食飯超時,甚至將工作人員調去做保安或者清潔,問你死未。小島秀夫所在嘅「小島工作室」部門,𠵱家已經改名為「第八生產部」,成個部門嘅電腦上唔到網,只可以發內部信件。除咗公關部,其他員工都無自己固定嘅email,公司會每隔幾個月就隨機向員工分派一個email地址,仲到處安裝攝像頭,用嚟監測員工一舉一動。

Atlantia: in primo semestre ricavi +4% a 2,5 mld, utile sale a 377 mln (2)

(AdnKronos) - Gli investimenti del Gruppo nel periodo ammontano complessivamente a 659 milioni di euro rispetto ai 433 milioni di euro dell’omologo periodo del 2014 (+39% nel settore delle concessioni autostradali e +159% in quello aeroportuale). Il cash flow prodotto nel primo semestre 2015 pari a 955 milioni di euro, -3% rispetto ai primi sei mesi del 2014, anche per effetto delle operazioni di riacquisto di bond (+11% su base omogenea).
L'indebitamento finanziario netto del gruppo al 30 giugno 2015 pari a 10.149 milioni di euro, con un decremento di 379 milioni di euro rispetto al 31 dicembre 2014.

Swimming-World championship men's 4 x 100m freestyle relay heats overview

Aug 2 (Infostrada Sports) - Overview from the World championship Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Heats on Sunday
1. Russia 3:12.46 Q
2. Brazil 3:13.99 Q
3. Italy 3:14.44 Q
4. France 3:14.53 Q
5. Japan 3:14.76 Q
6. Canada 3:15.00 Q
7. Poland 3:15.18 Q
8. China 3:15.47 Q
9. Belgium 3:15.50
10. Britain 3:15.70
11. Germany 3:16.01
11=. U.S. 3:16.01
13. Australia 3:16.34
14. Greece 3:16.83
15. Turkey 3:17.97
16. Romania 3:18.13
17. Israel 3:18.31
18. Belarus 3:18.40
19. Lithuania 3:20.15
20. Egypt 3:20.59
21. Serbia 3:21.21
22. Estonia 3:21.55
23. Venezuela 3:21.80
24. Switzerland 3:22.61
25. Mexico 3:23.49
26. Ukraine 3:24.07
27. Uzbekistan 3:26.36
28. Singapore 3:27.01
29. Paraguay 3:28.04
30. India 3:28.96
. Uruguay DNS
. Kuwait DNS

New York : la Belgique tient le haut du pavé

On reste aux Etats-Unis, mais côte est cette fois, à New-York. Où des quartiers branchés sont en train d'être rénovés avec… des pavés belges. Pourquoi cette étonnante présence dans la capitale mondiale ?