John’s final message to Sherlock. “One more miracle, for me.” This part is so goddamn painful.

The second I heard him say it, “it was all a miracle was incluided in the speech in my headcanon.

You don’t even necessarily need to lose a friend to know the meaning of the word “miracle”. Sometimes you have a person, or people, in your life that CAN’T HAPPEN, shouldn’t, couldn’t have happened if the laws of nature and the universe whatnot had the slightiest bit of sense left, but there they are, the unbelievable and amazing people and you, YOU know them. It’s the overwhelming feeling of privilege and gratitude of knowing them and having the possibility to be with them.

To John, Sherlock is that unbelievable coincidence that completed his life - a MIRACLE.


</but I mean it>

Can we talk about the HLV music?

From the moment that Sherlock opens his eyes in the padded cell until he opens them on the operating table, the music is bloody sensational.  And it wasn’t until I’d listened to it many many times that I realised that that musical sequence is based on what I and a friend refer to as the ‘John alone’ music. 

There’s a now-very-recognisable sequence of four notes which have often played when John is at his most vulnerable – they were the first notes we heard in A Study in Pink when he woke from his nightmare; they played in Hounds when John was in the Baskerville lab and starting to get scared and Sherlock wouldn’t answer the phone; they played as he cried at Sherlock’s grave at the end of Reichenbach … and the sequence is absolutely what this music is based around as Sherlock claws his way up from death in order to keep his vow to John and Mary. 

It’s a staggeringly brilliant concept and makes me cry even more every time I listen to that piece.

Arnold and Price - ALL the awards.

I think some of my reactions to His Last Vow were different from most people's...

I agree with lots of opinions I’ve seen on tumblr that His Last Vow was a frustrating episode in many ways, with some logical problems, odd characterization choices, and just plain lack of awesome writing.  However, a fairly large part of my brain doesn’t want to jump all over the problems but to rejoice in the possibility of fanfic about Mary Morstan Watson, Semi-Reformed(?) Spy/Assassin and her adventures with her BAMF blogger husband and their friend the genius detective. 

-I want exciting fic with Team Watson infiltrating a hideout of evildoers to rescue kidnapped Sherlock.  What a pair of BAMFs.

-I want fluffy domestic fic where John and Mary move into the second bedroom of 221B. Mary and Sherlock get into arguments about whether his experiments or her weapons collection are more of a potential child safety hazard.  Mary and John can alternate nights for who goes out with Sherlock to solve crimes and who stays home with the wee Watson.

-I want all the Sherlock/John/Mary fic.  All of it.  Dark, light, kinky, vanilla, angsty, happy, canon-compliant, utterly rejecting canon…it’s all fine.  Bonus points for all three of them dancing or fic where they all have sex in totally inappropriate locations like in a criminal’s house that they’ve just broken into.

-I want Mary teaching Molly self-defense.  Femslash optional.

-On the subject of femslash, I want Mary/Irene and Mary/Anthea.  I need this because of reasons.

-I want angsty fic from Mary’s POV about the difficulty of leaving her past behind despite how very much she wants to, and the slow, painful process of reconciling with John.

-I want Avengers crossover fic where it turns out that Magnussen didn’t get to the bottom of Mary’s secrets, because before she joined the CIA she was a defector from the Soviet Union, trained alongside Natasha Romanov in the Red Room.  Natasha and Mary still go out for drinks once a year.

-It’s not my headcanon, but I still want to read fic where Mary was Moriarty’s evil henchperson, provided she is written with as much authorial fondness as authors usually bestow on male fan-created versions of Col. Moran.

-I want Mary and Sherlock friendship fic where they work through the trust issues resulting from her very nearly killing him but continue to bond over their mutual devotion to John Watson.

-I want A.G.R.A. backstory.

-Mary Watson flips out when some rival with a grudge and a weapon breaks into her flat and she has to deal with him, causing her to accidentally burn the bread she was baking. 

-AU fic where Mike Stamford introduced Sherlock to Mary Morstan as a potential flatmate instead of John.

-Mary fucking Watson née Morstan née AGRA, HBIC.

I want all of this and all the other Mary fic I’m not thinking of at the moment.  Of course there’s things that displeased me about the way canon handled her character, but that just increases my desire to read fic.  Because my feelings for Mary Morstan Watson are basically:

  • John: I can't believe I finally have my life back together.
  • John: No more days spent crying my heart out.
  • John: What's done is done.
  • John: I've got a fine woman, a great moustache,
  • John: Planning a future. Yep. Life is good.
  • John: Time to settle down. No more violent upheaval--
  • Sherlock: Hello, John. I'm alive.
  • John: MotherFUCK!!!
  • Sherlock: This is going to be incredibly dangerous. One false move and we'll have betrayed the security of the United Kingdom and be in prison for high treason. Magnussen is the most dangerous man we've ever encountered and the odds are comprehensively stacked against us.
  • Sherlock: I feel the same!
  • Sherlock: ....
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Oh you mean it's actually Christmas