This picture was taken during Rogers visit at BBCRadio6Music last Monday, March 26th, 2012:)

He chatted to Shaun Keaveny in the studio about the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and much more…

Everything is to find here:

Oh my…
Rog looks so good, even on a Monday morning at 7 o’clock!

And his smile!!!
He is absolutely incredible.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.


I am so glad Plato isn’t around today to hear some of the shite churned out by a million and one soulless faces that fit the concept of beautiful that the record companies hold:

Record Exec: You’ve definitely got the look, we know you can almost sing in key but auto-tune will take care of that. Do you have anything we can say about you in your biography that we’re writing even though you haven’t done anything of fucking note yet!!!

Just look at the collection of cock-juggling thunder-cunts that are currently occupying the (so called) popular music charts. You’ve got Justin Bieber who clearly wants to be Michael Jackson so badly look at all the scandals, animals and tantrums. It’s a shame MJ’s little toe had more talent than that little scroat! Then you have my favorite topic of ire, One Cocking Direction. I think we can all agree that they’re basically the biggest insult to the word ‘music’ ever to walk on this Earth. If you were to give me a million quid (and some worryingly high waist-ed trousers) I could find 5 adolescent males that could barely hold a fecking note and throw them through stylists, make-up-artists, choreographers and PR twats to make them millionaires. There are certain people that should be the real winners here, the backing band, the song writing team, the sound engineers (probably the toughest job, especially live) and the man who has to stop the auto-tune machine from exploding through over-work. However they’re not. And this really annoys me!! - Steve Hughes on X Factor

Radio Wars

Recently we’ve swapped radio station in the office. Radio 2 was OK, music-wise, some of the presenters could be a bit to fond of their own voices. I just thank fuck that no-one wanted to listen to the brain-dead morons on Radio 1. From there we went through a couple of the commercial stations, Heart, Kiss etc etc………..nothing wrong with them, bar the advertising every 15mins. However we have now settled on BBC Radio 6 Music, only on this station could you find The Buzzcocks, Orbital, Jake Bugg Depeche Mode and Flight of the Conchords played consecutively, with no ad breaks, no inane presenter chirping in with a joke only he/she finds funny and without the songs being cut off early or the intro being spoken over. This my friends is pure Radio joy!!

Exhale es parte del mixtape del programa de Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing de esta semana. Lo puedes escuchar y descargar gratis desde aqui:
Tom Robinson has ploughed thro’ a mountain of music from BBC Introducing to find you an hour of select music, all nicely packaged together in the new BBC Introducing Mixtape, including Leche’s 3rd single Exhale. Grab it here: