Guess which show forgot to put my baby on the dvd/blu-ray packaging. Again. 

Yeah, that’s right.

Not even on the back cover?! C’mon!

How could you? Dishonour on your cow!

This calls for drastic measures!

There, fixed that for you, BBC. You better take note. This better be what the series 3 covers will look like. 


And for the first time in the history of mankind, we understand the motions of the celestial bodies as well as our own. The pump of the heart. The circular flush of the blood.
But what is the role of women in this age of wonder? Your menfolk will tell you that an education is a danger to your fragile mind.
My women of Paris, seek your own enlightenment! God gave you life, not man. It is your Christian duty to live this life to its fullest.

If anyone thinks I won’t be watching and talking about the most recent episode of BBC Musketeers tomorrow (read: all week) then they are WRONG.

Because I love it when my favourite characters get HURT and then LOOKED AFTER preferably by the person I ship them with and that happened oh dear Aramis/Porthos pass it on

D'Artagnan and Constance! I made this painting over the holidays as I impatiently wait for Season 2 of BBC’s The Musketeers! Based on Luke Pasqualino and Tamla Kari in a Romeo and Juliet setting. I love the show! #musketeers #bbcmusketeers #threemusketeers #d'artagnan #constance #lukepasqualino #tamlakari #romance #love #alexandredumas