Years of manipulation, betrayal, and lies. A broken family and a possibly murdered father. A lost sister. Nightmarish visions of the future. Dismissal. Imprisonment (chained to a floor). Gut-wrenching revelations leading to self-loathing, fear, and paranoia. A poisoning. More betrayals and gut-wrenching revelations. Loss of family. Near-death. And now? Abduction and years of torture and imprisonment. Scarred wrists. Mental instability. Gee, writers, anything else you want to do to Morgana?

I don’t see how shipping Merthur is fetishizing gay men. When I look at Arthur and Merlin all I see are two men who have put everything on the line for each other, who have saved each other’s lives even when others said not to; two men from very completely different walks of life who have managed to form a close emotional bond even if they don’t always know how to express that. I think Arthur and Merlin do love each other, even if the writers choose not to make it a romantic love.

The director of “The Once and Future Queen” (2x02),
Jeremy Webb, said that he didn’t conduct Arwen’s kiss. He
trusted Brangel completely because they were so sweet and
caring with each other. He just let Brangel act on their own
and follow their perception of this very intimate moment.
Their awesome chemistry took care of the rest and gave us one
 of the most beautiful kisses in the history of screen’s
romances and the entrancing blooming of Arwen’s magnificent
love story.

Gwen had no magic, no title, no wealth, she suffered abandonment, rejection, despising, friends’ betrayal, abuse, loneliness, her father was killed, she was imprisoned, sentenced to death, kidnaped, yet she has the might to remain true to herself and to her values. She never allowed grief to weaken her, she told Merlin that seeking revenge would degrade her and make her fall as low as Uther, she never forgave him for she’s human though she had the greatness to tend to him. She’s all strength, she’s my HERO.

I’ve always felt bad for Morgana. Her mother died when she was a child. Her father died not too long after. Since childhood she’s had awful visions that she assumed were nightmares (given that’s how she chose to think of them we can only assume she wasn’t having visions of unicorns; think about it). Then she moved to Camelot and Gaius started drugging her. All the while she could see the executions from her bedroom window. No wonder she flipped when she realized she’s a witch and Uther’s kid.

I love how Katie is always so warm to her fans. She remembers their names if she’s met them before, she’s quick to gush like a nerd over the series/mythology/Star Wars with the fans, and she always takes time to record video messages if they want. I think more celebrities should be like her!

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I think Katie and Colin did a remarkable job with the poisoning scene in The Fires of Idirsholas. It’s the only non-Merthur moment in my top ten scenes for this show. At first Merlin can’t even look at Morgana, can’t believe he’s killing her, but he has to do it. Merlin looked like someone was ripping his heart out. And then that moment when Morgana realizes what’s happened? That scene kills me every time. They were brilliant.