The Shut Up And Take My Money Doctor Who Link of the Day: TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

This amazing Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock for fans of the hit BBC show Doctor Who projects the time and the Doctor Who logo onto your ceiling via a projector hole situated on the back. When the alarm goes off, the light flashes and it makes TARDIS sounds! This is one awesome alarm clock that all Whovians should own! Requires 3x “AAA” batteries, not included. The Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock stands approximately 4 ½-inches tall.


Speaking of Doctor Who Stuff…

The fine folk at BBCAmericaShop have a “Black Friday Week” Sale going on right now

We’ve highlighted some of the better Doctor Who deals:

TARDIS Bobble $13.98 (50% off)
TARDIS 4-port USB Hub $29.98 (15% off)
TARDIS “Disappearing” Mug $9.98 (50% off)
TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar $24.98 (25% off)
Doctor Who Customized Sonic Screwdriver $29.98 (25% off)
TARDIS Teapot $21.98 (45% off)
TARDIS Lidded Mug $15.98 (31% off)

Basically there are a lot of TARDIS things on sale. Other notables include Torchwood: Miracle Day on DVD for $30 and the pricey but completely awesome Doctor Who: Limited Edition Giftset that includes New Who Series 1-6, Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, 3 art cards and the “Doctor Who at Comic Con” comic book ($234).

We’d buy it for ourselves but we’re stocking up on English Christmas Puddling With Brandy Butter (on sale for $21.98)

The ‘Shut Up And Take My Money’ Doctor Who Link of The Day - Doctor Who: TARDIS Hat

This Doctor Who TARDIS Laplander Hat is designed to look just like the Doctor’s Police Call Box and will keep your head amazingly warm while simultaneously shouting out your love for the BBC’s ever-popular Doctor Who television program!

Cost: $23.98, availability: October 24, 2012

There’s a new Limited Edition Doctor Who: Dalek T-Shirt in the BBCAmerica Shop

Limited Edition!

Strike terror into the hearts of friends and enemies, and watch them cower in the face of threatened extinction! Or perhaps they’ll smile at your villainous red Dalek. A supremely satisfying T-shirt for Doctor Who fans. Black with a red, purple and greyish-blue design that seems to pulsate with energy.

BBC America Shop has a sale on some of the things including The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2012

It’s $15.

Weaving fact and fiction, interviews and information, the Brilliant Book boasts brand new material from the writers of Doctor Who’s sixth season, including Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts, Matthew Graham, Tom Macrae and Steve Thompson, plus exclusive fiction from award-winning novelist Neil Gaiman.

Click here for the sale.

The fine folks at BBCAmericaShop just sent us a 20% off off of everything in the store code to share with you! Our Frankenshirt is totally going to become a reality now!

Get 20% off everything!
Enter promo Code FSO12 during checkout! Hurry offers expire Monday 10/1/2012.
Offer not valid on previous purchases, exchanges or special offers. Cannot be combined with other BBC America Shop promotion codes.

apineappleincident asked: Is the official comic con doctor who merch going to be available outside? Or do you have to have a comic con ticket to be able to get to it and buy it?

Officially, no but we’ve talked BBCAmericaShop into bringing it to the Doctor Who Pop-Up Shop at the Fan Meetup on Saturday.

btw, we’re sitting here looking at the exclusive stuff now and it is pretty cool.