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Since its 3am and i have nothing better to do here’s my spoiler free review of the newest ep of dirk gently

  • First, amazing continuation from last season, great setup for the season ahead
  • A+ effort in getting us invested in the new characters, super excited to see their arcs and how they tie in with the plot
  • More character development for the main guys we know and love
  • a n g s t
  • todd chased a rabbit for seven hours
  • amanda needs moRE SCREEN TIME
  • todd chased a rabbit for s e v e n h o u r s
  • got into the action really fast, a lot of setup so we dont have to focus on that later on
  • return of the amAZING soundtrack thank you cristobel tapia de veer
  • More blackwing stuff
  • Friedkin (despite being a dick) is unironically hilarious so far
  • Hes so lost as to whats happening all the time its so funny
  • kEn
  • ken my son get him out of blackwing (im allowed to say this it was in the teasers)
  • bart makes a stunning appearance so glad theyre back
  • honestly just a family fun and cool episode
  • ready for the gang to go to another dimension
  • so pumped for rest of season
  • thanks max landis