sujilatte said: oh rly,good then. I swear i felt like throwing him off a window,now all the teachers think i’m a bad girl and shit oh god :-(((( maths? how was it???? Oh i see. nothing much just looking for a fanfic to read coughs i’m bored hbu bby?

u are not a bad gurl bby {`pats ur head}. it was ok ehh just maths the normal ;w; oohhhhhhh i see u read fanfics let me give u one pls ok? nothing much tbh i have to take my dog out but i am too lazy tbh sighs



he llo friendS !!!!!!!!!! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 i’ve reached 400+ followers (hella lagged on this i hit 400 like 5 days ago lol). so, i wanted to give you munchkins some lovin’ cause you guys deserve an endless amount of it! with these gifs i made from the heart (not really i did it with photoshop ohp), i present to you an extensive list of urls!!! aka a follow 5ever!!

optacity — liSTEN HERE BBCAKES. ily. thanks for putting up with rhs, fritzi, and me!! like literally, you are the absolute cutest rp partner ever. i appreciate you a lot because we literally ALWAYS have conversations in the tags and i live for ooc interaction tbh. literally, you are the best and ilysm. when i was making this follow forever, you kinda were the first person that popped into mind. lol. anyways, i’m v glad we have two amazing ships and may they last forever and ever. that way we can torture them endlessly!!

bluesccrets — ooooo damn. first thing that comes into my head is that shilue is literally the death of me. because hfs can’t believe someone actually loves shi. bye. anyways, you’re so amazing and i love you a lot. not only are you a fantastic rp partner but also a very fantastic friend. you helped me with bullshit in my life and i thank you for that. you’ve also given shiloh a loving boyfriend. which, i’ll say it again, i can’t believe! lol. anyways sweet cheeks, stay amazing with your underused fcs. you’re awesome af.

dilemnna — hehehehe. okay, of course i had to add you on here. literally look at our zarianas. they’re the angstiest and cutest pairs i’ve ever seen. really though, it’s hard to believe we just started rping together because i used to see your url on my dash all the time. but, ngl, i was lowkey intimated af by you. literally ‘cause you’re quality af. long story short, i’m really happy we got our two ships! hope to make s’more with you. wink wink.

autvmns — omg, okay, imma be hella honest rn. i was intimidated by you and i still am. because girl you’re like fire emoji, 100 emoji, heart eye emoji as hell. (basically what i’m trying to say is that you’re the shit.) you’re super quality too?? and i don’t know how i got blessed to have a ship with you?!? like, honestly. you make my dash. if i didn’t see you on it. i’d feel so weird. because honestly, you’re a queen. i don’t have much else to say. just keep doin’ you boo ‘cause you’re killin’ the game.

wiltedandelion — you’re my friend til the end. fuck. we’ve been friends for HELLA long. ever since my first indie blog lol. honestly, i don’t have to write you a paragraph for you to know how much i love and appreciate you. long live the lupins. #hyfr. okay but really, you’re my best friend on here. i really like how i can go away for long periods of time then message you out of nowhere and it’s like i never left. rp friends come and go, but you’re always here. and i love you loads for it!

&. RIDE OR DIES. // * these are babes who live on my dash. meaning i probably stalk you and you guys own this little bit more of my heart. and we might have interacted once before. but if we haven’t it’s because you’re legit to perfect to compare to i’m high key scared af. basically, i think these people are super cute and radical. sunglasses emoji. (( SO THIS IS HOW THE NOTES WORK, GOES LIKE: url - ** note to u ** // … ))

championofthegods - ** i h8 u ** // vcids - ** if you’re ever feeling down, remember, we will always have shawn mendes ** //  jaggedlittledreamer - ** ilysm ** // turbiidus - ** throwback to when tumblr crushes were a thing, aka ur my tumblr crush ** // ncstclgia - ** i want to b ur friend ** // iinsanes - ** i hope to b as gr8 as u when i grow up ** // beachisms - ** you’re super cute tbh **  // venicelocke - ** venice is my day one (even tho i haven’t rp’d w/ her) you literally make my dash ** // infamcus - ** ur so aWESOME IT HURTS??? ** // misttaken - ** stay rad babe ** // fcktoxics - ** i aspire to write as nice as you ** // anttidotes - ** #goals ** // rcmours - ** let’s do things & be friends cause i feel like we could fuck shit up ** // cxntrxst - ** honestly i stalk your blog ** // crcscendo - ** ur an actual babe ** // distvnces - ** i really wanna rp w/ u all the time ** // unlimitxd - ** can i b u plz ** // ignorcnt - ** hOW DO U FLAWLESS??? ** // darkiisms - ** you’re so quality it hurts ** // strcssed - ** i stalk your blog on a daily ** // coloriisms - ** ouch literally hurts bc ur so fuck hardcore ily ** // labyrcnth - ** U HAVE AWESOME TASTE IN MUSIC AND I WOULD LIKE TO B UR FRIEND ** // sassysimba - ** your face is as perfect as your blog and i literally wish i was you ** // dcwnpour - ** let’s do a thing sometime k qt? ** // impxricl - ** tru life: spent an hour stalking your blog #noragrets ** // hertuesday - ** ur so cute pls love me ** // romancvndles - ** if i don’t see your url on my dash daily i freak out ** // luxeisms - ** i rlly wanna be your friend and rp with you all day long **

&. LITTLE DUMPLINGS. // * these are some cutie pies that i may or may not have had the honor to roleplay with. but damn, can i just say, you guys are so heart eyes. you deserve a shout out for how amazing you are, like – stay flawless. i have no words, okay, alright.  *kisses ur forehead*

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&. THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER. // * every single person that follows this blog. honestly, anyone who puts up with my muses and i deserves an award. okay, i spam dashes, i rant, i talk a lot, i take years to reply, and i disappear for days – even weeks! so bless your souls for not unfollowing me. i love each and every one of you, genuinely, i do. i get yolked on by my friends for wanting to bring my laptop everywhere because all i want to do is be with you guys. if any of you ever want to do something with me, just message me. because i’m always open for anything. you’re all fantastic writers and it would be a privilege to roleplay with any of you guys. ilysm and i hope you all have a day that is as wonderful as you! °₊·ˈ∗(ૢෆ癶◡癶ෆ) ૢ∗ˈ‧₊°