bbca 2

It is currently 1:34am. Nine days until Dirk Gently season two. And I think the concept that there really is a second season that is going to be airing on TV incredibly soon has only just set in for me.

I truly believe this last year has just been such a whirlwind of theories that the idea of season two never actually really settled with me, like some part of me didn’t actually fully recognise that it was real and airing in October.

It’s taken until nine days before for me to finally realise that this is actually hecking happening. And I’m kind of having a moment.

Anonymous said: Really bad angst suggestion: Dirk in that chair thingy where he gets electrocuted when he can’t predict the stuff from the experiments and he’s crying and trying to tell them that it won’t work but anytime he opens his mouth to tell them he just gets shocked again. Basically, he can’t do anything about the torture because no matter what he does, it’s wrong 

i know i didnt draw him in the chair thingy because that was too much pain, even for me… soooo i drew him afterwards when theyre dragging him to his room