“Vortigern’s fate”

An illustration I wanted to do since almost two years now : young Merlin watching the epic, prophetic fight between the red and the white dragon that were sleeping under the hill on top of which King Vortigern wanted to build his tower.
Arthurian legends and Britain’s mythology are an awesome source of inspiration. AND a great excuse to paint over-the-top dragon fights.

The Dancing And The Dreaming

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Pairing: Merlin x reader

Summary: Merlin gets caught singing to himself by the campfire, and Arthur decides to tease him by making him sing in front of you and the knights. When he gets to a part of his song meant for a partner, you step up to the mark

Warnings: Very fluffy?

A/N: This is the song by the way, I absolutely love it and definitely don’t know it off by heart. Definitely not. Why would you even think that?

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Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?

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It’s rat, isn’t it?