From Christmas Day to the New Year, each day BBC 4 will broadcast (worldwide) one episode of the total 6 episodes of the new radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. One can listen to the live broadcast, wherever they are in the world, on BBC Radio IPlayer, or they can check out the official BBC website and listen to the adaptation there after the broadcast has taken place ( ). Episodes will be available on the website for 30 days after the broadcast.

Fionn Whitehead in A Grand Day Out.

Fionn’s performance in this talking heads monologue for the BBC “Queers” season, has cemented my belief that this young man is one of our most exciting  and fresh acting talents and I can’t wait to see more of his work.  And, considering that he also did a performance of this live, in a packed theatre, with a spotlight on his solitary figure sitting on a chair, makes me think he also has balls of steel behind that shy and unassuming persona.

Lenny Henry’s guide to Graphic Novels and Comics

A list of topics talked about in the article.

* Sandman – Neil Gaiman “Neil was writing out of his skin on Sandman” – Lenny Henry on Sandman

* Black Panther – Reginald Hudlin “His writing is brilliant and charming and funny and he made the Black Panther hip.” - Lenny Henry on Reginald Hudlin

* Watchmen – Alan Moore

* Paper Girls – Brian K. Vaugha

* Miracleman – Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman

* Brian Michael Bendis – Ultimate Comics: Spider-man, Invincible Iron Man and Powers

* Trees, Injection, the Authority – Warren Ellis

* Halo Jones – Alan Moore

Read the full interview and listen to the six audio clips inside the link and on the official BBC 4 website.

* Emphasis: Don’t forget that the radio adaptation of Anansi Boys begins on BBC 4 on Christmas Day!
Hits, Hype & Hustle: An Insider's Guide to the Music Business - BBC Four
Series in which three music industry insiders reveal how the business really works.

A new 3 part series is launching on BBC4 tonight that should be interesting to those of us with an interest in the inner workings of the music industry.

The link above takes you to the programme site where you can get a full overview of the episodes, clips from interviews etc.  Our ‘favourite’ music label head is in there somewhere - see 6 of the the most notorious execs in music bit if you can stomach it! 

For those outside the UK who can access the iPlayer, this link will work to view episodes after their first transmission times too.
Queen: Rock the World, review: this long-lost documentary was a dream for fans
In 1977, Queen travelled around the United States to promote their sixth studio album, News of the World.

Really, it was the old, unseen footage of Freddie Mercury that made this film extraordinary. Whether he was springing off a piano stool to make a production point, or showing off his four-octave vocal range in a silver-sequined full-body suit or monochrome harlequin number, all teeth and cheekbones, he was magnetic – and there was plenty of dialogue, which was special, as he rarely did interviews. 

The film also gave a sense of his private, shyer side, and how that contrasted to his stage flamboyance. He was gracious and charming in interviews. In fact, they all were, which is unusual for rock stars. Which isn’t to say that Harris wasn’t thorough: he probed about break-up rumours and what they’d do as solo artists. At one point, you got a sense of how totally exhausted Mercury was, referring to the “jabs” he used to keep himself awake.

I love him so much, and this documentary reminded me why. He is such a sweetheart, and so funny 😍 (I love that he got carried away with throwing things to the fans and lobbed Roger’s best maracas into the crowd!) Plus, THAT VOICE, damn - even in rehearsals, he sounds incredible. We love you, Freddie  💖

This is the corset of Elizabeth I, as worn by her effigy. It featured in tonight's program on the Royal Wardrobe by Lucy_Worlsey (BBC4). Writing my first book After Elizabeth I discovered her wardrobe remained the talk of the town in the days after her death.  It was being said that Elizabeth had ‘.. made no will, nor gave anything away’  so her successor could inherit a ‘ well stored jewel house and a rich wardrobe of 2000 gowns..’.  Knowing their worth Elizabeth had had every button, petticoat and fan listed in inventories in 1600: ‘ Item: one gown of black velvet with a broad guard of black velvet embroidered with pearls of silver …Item: one jewel of gold like a cross bow garnished with diamonds…Item: Buttons of gold each set with.. pearls and one garnet in the middest.’ . They amounted to 1,900 items of clothing, not so far from what the gossips estimated,   



A fantastic high quality video of Judee Sill performing The Kiss.  In terms of 1970’s singer songwriters, Judee was one of the absolute best.  So grateful to see this video.  What a gorgeous voice she had.

Judee Sill - The Kiss (by BBC4sounds)