How wonderful life could be if only I were brave enough

‘You’re the bravest, most fearless doctor in this entire hospital’
'You’re a hero, do you know that?’
'She’s trying to be brave, like she always does’
Serena Campbell is always so brave, and believes that others can be the same as her. She never doubts Bernie’s bravery, or Jason’s and she inspires bravery in them, so that they can become heroes, even if they don’t believe it themselves. She sees people as they could never imagine themselves and makes them strives to live up to how she sees them. That’s why Serena Campbell is so loved and precious.


What Is The Smallest Organism On Earth? - Wonders of Life

Professor Brian Cox looks at the organism that takes up most of our planet, the smallest microorganism of all, bacteria. Taken from Wonders of Life.

By: BBC Earth.