I was commissioned by Big Chief Studios to do some more Doctor Who artwork for official BBC licensing! This is a portrait of the Tenth Doctor called “The Turn of the Universe,” it goes with my Eleventh portrait “The Roar of Our Stars.” (Ninth Doctor is also coming shortly in this series!)

Will be available to buy online as an official print from Big Chief Studios & BBC in the near future!!


Brinicles — The Ocean’s “Ice Fingers of Death”

Reaching down like frozen fingers from the water’s surface, where the so-called “brinicle” meets the sea bed, a web of ice forms that instantly freezes and kills everything it touches, including sea urchins and starfish.

The formation of brinicles, also known as ice stalactites, is dangerous to marine life. Sea ice is frozen fresh water because the salt in ocean water does not freeze with it. As the water freezes, high concentrations of salt are excluded. This brine – super saturated salt – gets pushed out of the ice through channels. Some of it gets pushed up and out, leaving a slightly salty layer on top of the sea ice, but much of it gets pushed down, back into the water.

As this extremely cold brine leaves the sea ice, it sinks in a descending plume and freezes the relatively fresh seawater it comes in contact with. This forms a fragile tube of ice around the descending plume into what is called a “brinicle” – an icicle of brine. These look like icicles hanging from the underside of the ice. If the brinicles keep growing and extending down to the ocean floor, they form a web of ice that freezes everything. Hence the nickname “ice fingers of death”. An amazing video which captures the formation of a brinicle was first filmed in 2011 for the BBC series Frozen Planet.

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When you go outside tomorrow, just take a look at a little piece of your world, a corner of your garden or a park or even the grass that’s growing in a crack in the pavement, because there will be life there, and it will be unique. There will be nowhere like that anywhere else in the universe. And that’s makes our tree from the sturdiest branch to the most fragile twig indescribably valuable.

i love how you got every kind of science fiction and fantasy here like youve got werewolves, an angel and two men hunting demons, an alien thats over 1200 years old flying around in a phone booth, a sorcerer in camelot in the black centuries and a boy that discovers he is a magic kid and there are tons more of magic and fantasy shit here and then youve got


no fantasy

no unrealistic things

no science fiction

no romance

just a crime show and it has a huge fandom


"Tom was the only thing keeping Hal tame."

The Boiling Rock

The Boiling Rock was inspired by the prison island of Alcatraz (see Art Book p. 157).

But what I find really cool is that there’s a real place in the Philippines, the Taal Volcano, which is a boiling lake in a caldera in a lake with an island inside it. Pretty cool flaming, isn’t it :D

Image source: One, two, three

If you want to know more about that volcano go watch BBC’s Wonder of Life. I really enjoyed that series.


If roses are red
and violets are blue.
Sentiment not found where winners tread,
I’d rather lose, spending my life loving you

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my wonderful tumblr followers - you always have my heart *mauh!*