Tom Daley on BBC Spotlight

Just watched BBC Spotlight’s report on the Poldark filming down in Cornwall (how I missed the interview I don’t know since Spotlight is my local BBC news) and I love how they’re trying not to give away where they filmed…

“see if you can work out where they filmed”

“Eleanor Parkinson BBC Spotlight in a secret location near Land’s End”

It’s not that secret Land’s End isn’t exactly a big area. XD

Ah Spotlight you and your tongue in cheek ability to annoy the living crap out of the rest of the BBC. XD We’re not yokels down ‘ere no, no, no….

Also loved the fact that they brought up the fact that when they last filmed a series in Cornwall they mangled the accents so badly (actually they made them ridiculously broad but had the sound turned down) that even people from down here couldn’t really understand them so this time they’ve actually got in touch with the local council to try and sort it out. XD

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IRA ‘interrogated young rape victim’

14 October 2014
Last updated at 11:09

Maíria Cahill has waived her right to anonymity to speak to BBC Spotlight about how the IRA interrogated her and forced her to confront the man she claimed had raped her as a teenager

A woman has claimed the IRA forced her to confront her alleged rapist before forcing her into silence to protect the republican movement from her claims.

Maíria Cahill said she was raped as a teenager and was later interrogated by the IRA about her allegations.

She claimed she was subjected to a kangaroo court, while the IRA tried to find out if it was her or her alleged rapist who was telling the truth.

Ms Cahill has waived her right to anonymity to speak to BBC Spotlight.

‘Face-to-face meeting’

The Belfast woman is member of one of the republican movement’s best-known families.

Her great uncle, Joe Cahill, was one of the founders of the Provisional IRA and a long-time associate of Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams.

Ms Cahill said that in 1997, when she was 16, she was subjected to a 12-month cycle of sexual abuse, including rape, by a man who was believed to be a member of the IRA.

The man denied the allegations and was later acquitted in court.

However, the programme focuses on how the IRA dealt with an alleged rape victim, forcing her to meet face-to-face with the man she claimed had attacked her.

Ms Cahill described how the IRA questioned her repeatedly, often several nights a week, for months about the abuse allegations, before summoning her to a meeting with her alleged abuser in early 2000.

Forced confrontation

“They told me that they were going to read my body language to see who was telling the truth and that they were going to bring him into a room,” she said.

The programme will examine what the IRA did following the forced confrontation.

Ms Cahill also said that month later, she met Mr Adams to discuss her abuse allegations.

She later reported the alleged abuse to police, and also named the IRA’s so-called investigators.

In a statement, Gerry Adams told Spotlight that he co-operated with the Police Service of Northern Ireland in the course of their investigation.

BBC Spotlight will be broadcast on BBC One Northern Ireland at 22:35 BST on Tuesday 14 October. Available on the iPlayer afterwards.

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Per Winston Irvine, PUP, problemi per il suo passato da informatore

Un membro UVF assoldato come informatore dallo Special Branch RUC potrebbe essere rivista dal…

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Artist To Watch | Little May

Meet Liz Drummond, Hannah Field, and Annie Hamilton. This female trio from Sydney Australia are releasing their debut album, For The Company, on October 9th. The group gained a lot of hype over the last year after the release of their self-titled EP, gaining exposure on SoundCloud, Spotify, college radio in the US, and support from international radio including triple J and BBC Radio 1.

Their music is mellow and complex, a use of interesting rhythm (drum/percussion) choices add an energy to their ethereal sound. Their raspy vocal reminds me of Lana Del Rey or Melanie Martinez, their almost country acoustic guitar and twangy electric recalls alternative sounds like Waxahatchee or Haley Bonar, and their melodies are almost pop like a Meg Myers.

Little May are coming to 7th St Entry at First Avenue in Minneapolis on October 27th this year.  Get your tickets here!  Watch the music video for one of their newest singles, Home, and listen to the track and some of our other favorites below!

Little May | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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#Spotlight on Nashville’s Maggie DeLone

Maggie DeLone is a Pop, Folk, and Country songwriter living in Nasvhille, Tennessee

After attending The Universtiy of Texas in Austin and completing a Studio Art Major with Double Major in Radio, Television and Film, Maggie made the move to Nashville in 2014 to pursue songwriting full time. 

Maggie’s own style of writing and performance stems from years of training in classical voice, but over time has evolved with her interest in pop, folk and country music. Maggie’s debut EP album was released on August 3. 

“gorgeous honeyed harmonies accompany beautiful lyrics full of a feeling of intense longing for something from a songwriter we feel you should all be listening to”

After successfully launching and attaining her goal of raising the funds to produce and record her debut EP How The Road Goes through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in March of this year, we have to say that the end result is nothing short of beautiful!

Listen to How The Road Goes here:

Connect with Maggie Delone on her socials.

Website I Facebook I Twitter

Artist To Watch | Georgia

Georgia Barnes is a British electro-pop artist who started as a drummer.  You can hear that influence and background in her music, which mixes unique, driving beats with hip hop influenced melodies.

Her self-titled debut album just came out this month on August 7th.  Check it out here, buy it here, or at iTunes.  She’s been getting played on BBC Radio and will headline Reading Festival’s BBC Introducing Stage on Friday August 28th.

Georgia | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

New TV Forum post: South West England & CI Thread (The Newsroom)

Victoria on BBC Spotlight has said they had a huge power outage at the start of the programme. I missed the start of the programme so I didn’t see what happened. Later in the show, it showed the BBC News Channel for a couple seconds. (Latest post by JamesCraker)

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