My entries for the amazing fic Entirely Unprofessional by @itwasyummy for this year’s After Camlann Big Bang! 

This was my very first time participating and it was so much fun! I definitely want to create and participate in everything now! I had more ideas for drawings but I’m glad I didn’t try to overachieve or I wouldn’t be able to have it done by the deadline. But I’ll still work on at least one other drawing that was fighting me tooth and nail and I’ll update this post later on. A very big thank you to @itwasyummy for being such a great writer, supportive and overall amazing person, I’m so glad I got to illustrate your story! And to @deheerkonijn for the redlining, Merlin’s pose was killing me so thank you so much Erica!!!

Merlin’s smile broadened until he looked absurdly pleased with himself. He shifted around in his chair, relaxing, unconsciously taking up a pose that put the full length of him, long legs and lean body, on display. Arthur forgot to breathe for a moment. He struggled for normalcy.

“You were watching me,” Merlin insisted, his voice soft and teasing. He struggled to contain his smile, which was bright and blinding, his eyes sparkling with delight.

Arthur felt as if he were drowning.