The Last Dragonlord

Arthur: It’s a f***ing Dragon!!!

Merlin: It’s a f***ing Dragon.

Leon: It’s….. a Dragon.

Arthur: [to Merlin] You f***ing led us to a Dragon?!?!?

Merlin: I told you there was a Dragon here!

Leon: Guys, I’m very unhappy right now.

Arthur: It’s really dark out there - he probably doesn’t see you.

Leon: Oh, it f***ing sees me!

Merlin: It ha- it has night vision…

Leon: They have night vision?

Arthur: That Dragon has night vision goggles!??!?!

Merlin: It doesn’t have night vision goggles!!! It just naturally has night vision!!

Leon: I’m in trouble. What do I do? Talk to me!

Arthur: I didn’t want it to come to this, but you’re going to have to fight that Dragon.

Merlin: No! Do NOT! Do not fight the Dragon!!

Arthur: [to Leon] Do NOT be a gentleman! You go RIGHT for the f***ing balls!!

Leon: [whimpering] I don’t see any balls.

Merlin: Do NOT fight the Dragon. You will lose!

Arthur: If that’s a Girl Dragon, you gotta c*nt-punt that bitch!

Leon: [whispering] Arthur, shut the fuck up!

Arthur: C*nt-punt that fucking bitch!!

Merlin: Please tell me you know that’s a stupid idea… Please, please don’t try to fight the Dragon.

Leon: I’m going to make a run for it.

Merlin: DO NOT run for it! You WILL die!

Leon: It’s coming! [runs] Aaaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! 


you love her, i’m not saying in what way – maybe you don’t know yourself, but anyone paying attention could see how much you c a r e about her (insp.)

“Well done Merlin,” Arthur drawled, “that was a very impressive display of power with absolutely no results.”

“I…I wouldn’t say no results,” Merlin stammered.


“The spell was to make her bigger.”


“Well, part of her is bigger.”

Arthur and the dragon leaned in closer.

“Oh wow!” the dragon breathed.

Jutting out from the centre of the horse’s forehead, was a very small but very distinctive horn.

“A unicorn. You’ve turned my horse into a unicorn,” said Arthur flatly.

“Yes. Yes I have done that.”

I just want to meet someone on tumblr who ships Gwen and Arthur as hard as I do. 

Like how 





these two 



I just started season 4 and I can’t handle them and how beautiful their love is… It’s too much for my little heart 

Bramley Apples

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by Azile_Teacup

Gwaine’s home, Arthur’s cooking, Arthur’s mad. Merlin gets back from work in the middle of it all. pretty much a standard day.

Words: 1315, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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