Just wandered over to the Colin Morgan tag, since I hadn’t visited there in a while. I’m pleased to see that young Mr. Morgan has been doing some tv work and has a couple of films coming up, too. I’m not as swoony over the boy as I used to be, but I’m still interested in his work because I think he’s a very talented actor.

The thing that struck me, though, is how much of the tag is still Merlin photosets, gifs, and plain text posts saying, “I miss Merlin”. It hit me for the first time that for a lot of people–kids, teenagers, even people in their twenties–that show is their Arthurian canon, their first exposure to the Matter of Britain. It’s their Camelot, their Sword in the Stone, their Mists of Avalon. I was always kind of frustrated by the show because it never quite depicted the Arthur and Merlin I wanted to see, but I’m finally realizing it’s a vital piece of the legend for a lot of people. It wasn’t perfect, but it deserves love and respect for drawing new people into the tradition. (And for showing us some gorgeous, gorgeous men.)

Then Uther transferred the look to him, and it suggested that if Arthur had in fact spent the afternoon being thoroughly buggered by his poncy magic-using half-elf manservant, it would be best for all concerned if he didn’t confirm as much anytime in the foreseeable future.

“No! You don’t just get to die for me—who said you could die for me?!” Arthur all but shouted at Merlin, lightly smacking his cheek until Merlin’s eyes opened again.

Arthur’s fingers were red and left stains on Merlin’s face and this wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Merlin might once have laughed at Arthur’s ridiculous claim of control over life and death, but instead he just coughed up blood.

Once again Merlin had put Arthur’s life ahead of his own, as if Arthur had needed more proof that just because Merlin had magic—magic!

The thought hit him with the force of the entirety of Camelot’s cavalry.

“Use your magic!” Arthur blurted.

Merlin’s eyes snapped open wide.

“What?!” he gasped.

Desperation seized Arthur. Everything was turning red with Merlin’s blood, and his face was twisted in pain.

“You heard me!” Arthur shouted. “Can your magic heal something like this?!”

I wasn’t happy with the neckline on Morgana’s dress, so I added trim that looked more screen accurate. I also pulled an Elizabeth Swann and contoured cleavage because Katie McGrath has way more boob action than I do in the series. XD

Still not entirely pleased with the dress (I still want to hem a tad more of the underskirt and add more webbing down the sides of the laced dress), but it’s definitely getting closer to how I want it to be :)