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So I have this headcanon that at the end of the day when the knights were all taking off their chainmail and stuff after a long training session, they would all gossip like a bunch of teenage girls about Merlin and Arthur.

And like everybody who worked in the castle was in on it.

Literally every single servant except for Merlin knew about it and would constantly be eavesdropping on the two of them together and flipping out when one of them made a sexual-sounding comment and then run off and go tell everybody else and within less than twelve hours the entire staff at the castle knew about it.

I can just picture Gwaine making bets with people about how long it’ll take until they finally get together and Lancelot and Elyan are both pretending to be disapproving but they pay as close attention to the gossip as anyone else does and Leon is just standing in the corner shaking his head in exasperation.

He had fashioned a much more glamorous return in his mind on most days, one where he would be standing by the lake and suddenly see a shape rise out of the water, holding a gleaming sword. Or even just having him pop up on the street one day, and just happen to bump into him. He had even envisioned Arthur falling right out of the sky in one of his fantasies, but to have Arthur return in such a… mundane fashion was more than surprising to him.