His parents had drawn their children close, and murmured, There is said to be a boy, a little older than you two. He has magic, he is magic, and he is destined to bring both Camelot and magic to their finest glory. He will stand side by side - heart to soul - with a golden king, and by their hands, all of Albion will be united.

Who is the golden king? Gareth had wanted to know. When will he come?

He is already here, dearest. You’ve met him. He’s Prince Arthur.

Gareth has seen Merlin fight for Camelot today - for her knights and their honor and the trust of their king. He is certain to his very core that Merlin must be the boy, a little older than Gareth - the boy who is magic, and stands heart to soul with King Arthur.

Things you should NEVER say to fangirls:

Whovians: I skipped Nine.

Potterheads: They’re just books.

Tolkienites: Why didn’t the eagles just drop them off?

Merlinians: You must have known it was going to end like that.

Hunters: I skipped the first three seasons to meet Cas.

Sherlockians: I hate Mrs. Hudson.

All Fandoms: It’s not real. It’s just a story.