Arthur rises from his desk and knows that there will never be a perfect moment. There will never be a time when the truth will not bring complications. And he knows with all his heart that he cannot be patient any longer. Camelot is a dangerous place for a sorcerer, especially one who loves his prince and will do anything to protect him. And his prince will not lose his sorcerer before he has truly found him, and kept him.

Arthur walks over to the bed, and rests his hand against Merlin’s cheek. It is warm with life, soft with sleep. Merlin stirs at his touch, seeking more. And Arthur bends down to him, and wakes him with a kiss.


Just wandered over to the Colin Morgan tag, since I hadn’t visited there in a while. I’m pleased to see that young Mr. Morgan has been doing some tv work and has a couple of films coming up, too. I’m not as swoony over the boy as I used to be, but I’m still interested in his work because I think he’s a very talented actor.

The thing that struck me, though, is how much of the tag is still Merlin photosets, gifs, and plain text posts saying, “I miss Merlin”. It hit me for the first time that for a lot of people–kids, teenagers, even people in their twenties–that show is their Arthurian canon, their first exposure to the Matter of Britain. It’s their Camelot, their Sword in the Stone, their Mists of Avalon. I was always kind of frustrated by the show because it never quite depicted the Arthur and Merlin I wanted to see, but I’m finally realizing it’s a vital piece of the legend for a lot of people. It wasn’t perfect, but it deserves love and respect for drawing new people into the tradition. (And for showing us some gorgeous, gorgeous men.)

I dried your clothes for you this time, but please keep in mind that others need to use the facilities. Also, that yellow shirt is heinous. I recommend burning.

“There is nothing wrong with this shirt,” Arthur muttered. With that thought, he hurried to his desk and snatched up a pad of Post It notes. He scribbled, Thank you for drying my clothing; you are far too kind. That shirt is a classic and makes people smile.