Sherlock: I’m not crazy, Bill saw it too!

Bill: Yeah!

John: Bill’s young and impressionable.

Bill: Yeah!

John: Aw, hell, he’d eat a spoon full of dirt if you told him it tasted like chocolate.

Bill: That’s not true!

John: Really? That’s where you draw the line?

Bill: No, I mean it’s not true that dirt tastes like chocolate, right? Seriously, right?

Okay, um, let’s talk about Mary’s DVDs for a second.

I haven’t watched S4 a lot of times and I don’t plan on changing that so as far as I remember, she asks Sherlock to save John and etc etc. I have a few questions:

  1. How does she know that she’ll die saving Sherlock and then John will blame Sherlock for her death and consequently push Sherlock away?
  2. She probably made this video during her world tour or before so if she thought that she was going to die then, John has no reason to push Sherlock away. Sherlock would’ve been with John anyway and they could’ve gotten through it anyway. Perhaps the TLD hug would have happened earlier and then everything would’ve been fine. Then what was the point of the DVDs again?
  3. What if John hadn’t found Mary’s dvd at 221B? He said goodbye and left. The whole plan is based on luck. It was pure luck that John went to 221B again after saying goodbye to Sherlock. It is luck that he found the video there. Sherlock was lucky that John reached the hospital in time. It’s pure luck that Culverton hadn’t killed Sherlock already.
  4. What if there was no bad guy for Sherlock to pick a fight with? It’s again just luck that the Culverton case came to Sherlock when it did.

The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it becomes. I mean how did it all even work out? How did Mary know what would happen after her death? How did she know John was going to blame Sherlock and push him away? How did she know that going after a really bad guy or going to hell wouldn’t prove fatal for Sherlock?

The only way it makes sense is that Mary was actually a time lord and saw the future or that she contacted Dr Strange to know all the possible outcomes. Then she made the DVDs and knew they’d work.

If you know more or if you could help me understand, be my guest.

Imagine confronting Moriarty on St. Bart’s rooftop with Sherlock.

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“It’s been always you and me, Sherlock. The calm and the wild. We were each other’s medicine of madness.“ 

You sighed, not buying a word said by the psychopath. "A perfect catastrophe." 

"Whoa! Look what we have here,” said Moriarty, leaning closer to you. “You know Sherlock, I always thought you were gonna to stay alone. Guess I was wrong. You found someone quite interesting,” he said running a finger down your jaw, repelling you. 

Sherlock’s eyes glued to the devil while hoped nothing happed to you. “Let her go,” he deadpanned. “It’s me the one you want." 

"No, no, no,” Moriarty sang. “If you’re going down, Sherlock…well, she is going too." 

"He’s right, Sherlock. I’m with you until the very end,” you said, leaving your boyfriend speechless. You locked eyes with his nemesis, who was grinning. You let out a long breath, letting it hiss through your teeth as you braced yourself for the words you were about to utter. You paused to gather courage, and then with a deathly glare said, “But if there’s something you have been wrong about, it’s that we will never be like you. We’ll never be the monster you are. So go ahead, play with us. You know we will always end up winning.”

As soon as you finished your statement, Moriarty instantly stepped back as if someone had hit him.

I noticed something while watching HLV

In HLV we start with Lady Smallwood getting blackmailed by Magnussen by her husband’s letters to a 15 year old girl. The thing was that I never actually knew what happened with her and her husband. But today I was watching HLV again and I saw this:

It’s just a very small shot so I never noticed this, but apparently Lord Smallwood comitted suicide. And that’s of course why she’s single in TLD and flirts with Mycroft.

Also Sherlock is visibly sad that he failed with this case. In the end the letters got exposed and Lord Smallwood committed suicide.

Everyone probably already noticed this but I haven’t saw it on tumblr anywhere so I thought I should share it. I always wondered what actually happened with Lady Smallwood and her husband.