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David Tennant and his collection of Mr. Men shirts

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How Bernie’s character came to be

I love that Simon Harper and Oliver Kent obviously watched Doctor Who and saw Kate Lethbridge-Stewart command the screen and were, like the rest of us praying for… 

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I mean come on! wowzer!, played by the devastatingly attractive Jemma Redgrave no less!

So, being exec producers of a continuing drama at the BBC, they did what we could only hope to achieve in fan fiction. They transplanted Kate into Holby as Bernie Wolfe and brilliantly, they made no attempt to really separate the characters (at first) - Kate above, Bernie on her first day working at Holby below.

They made her a sexy (well, that was really down to J Red) as hell army major, queer as you like and made us all fall in fangirly love with her. Then, unbelievably and amazingly they made her Serena’s girlfriend! 

And I love them for it!, what a time to be alive! (Even if I’m not 100% convinced Bernie isn’t Kate currently deep undercover with UNIT and that’s what that Ukraine nonsense was all about…)

my little gay babies comforting each other

like this is so cute everybody else is alone but even though matteusz just found out Charlie was an alien he still loves him enough to falls asleep on him

28 Days of Sugar Art Challenge

Hey everyone! Join me for the month of February for a month full of shippy goodness. This includes both OCs and your favorite ships! Hoping you all get a good head start! I can’t wait to see what to see what you come up with! Fanfictions are okay too! And dont forget to tag it as #28DS 😘


1) Holding Hands
2) Sleeping
3) Hand kisses
4) In Kigurumis
5) Genderbent
6) Obliviousness
7) Size
8) Doing each others hair
9) Casual Clothes
10) Caught Fantasizing/Staring
11) In Costume/Cosplay
12) In a different art style
13) Changes
14) AU
15) Sick Day
16) Different decade
17) Selfie
18) Flowers and/or Chocolate
19) Oh sh*t im in love with that piece of trash sh*t
20) Failed Pick Up Lines
21) Make Out
22) I Almost Lost You
23) Date Night
24) Get Smutty or Get Fluffed
25) I See London…
26) Dominance
27) Wedding
28) Ship babies ship babies everywhere

Have fun!


•John wakes up before Sherlock every morning and then wakes Sherlock up.

•If you try to wake Sherlock up before he’s ready (which he never is) he yells at you in his sleep no matter who you are. He’s completely unaware of what he’s doing, he’s just tired and out of it.

•John knows that he has to be really careful or Sherlock will get mad and cuss him out in his sleep. (Its happened before)

•So John calmly talks to him and carefully runs his fingers through Sherlock’s dark brown curls until he slowly and quietly sits up.

•What John doesn’t know, is that a lot of days, Sherlock has already woken up before John and then either pretends to be asleep or falls into a light sleep just so John will wake him up so sweetly.

•And then they go have breakfast together and watch Doctor Who.

(This gif is amazing by the way)

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