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Calling ALL of tumblr I need your help!!!

The standing rock tribe are being silenced about what is going on up there with the Dakota access pipe line.

I beg of you to help me get the topic out. It will affect millions of lives. The pipe will leak into the tribes only source of drinking water. We are trying so hard to get this out on twitter and facebook, but we are being silenced.

Today a security team came into the middle of a peaceful native american protest and numerous people got maced and bitten by the dogs. 

I want you all to take a look at the terror on these young girls faces. Then I want you to take a look at the two aggressive dogs. When did it become OK to use dogs against children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters OUR freakin people!!!
The police will only let a dog go if the suspect runs or the suspect is violent and causes a threat to the public of the officer.
Do you see a weapon in these young girls hands? Do these girls look dangerous? The answer would be no. No they don’t.
The people with the dogs aren’t even police officers! They are security guards. They couldn’t even keep control of their own dogs leading to them being attacked also.

This is happening right this second and threatening millions of lives. I have to help.
We can only break the silence if you join us in this fight. Just sharing my post helps the reality of the situation get out there.
I now beg of you to share this post in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Give them a bigger voice. Help them shout this from the roof tops. Please… Rachael <3 <3 #NoDAPL


Tom Hiddleston for BBC World News - Unicef (Interview number 2)

credit to @wherewellshine for recording

Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine - Before and After

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Yesterday over 70 people died and hundreds more were injured when another round of clashes was reported in Independence Square. Protester’s began the melee by fire-bombing and charging the riot police lines. Media is describing it as a"Medieval styled melee that spanned 3 city blocks.“ 

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Every time someone says Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world I laugh so goddamn hard. When this picture was taken I had been juggling the ball non-stop for nearly ninety fucking minutes already!


Wildlife Conservation: Doin’ it right.


Freddie Grey - Baltimore - In focus - for the BBC

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At about seven in the evening, as dusk was falling, Xiaosong asked his father for some money to buy his favourite snack - the sweet milk from a grocery shop just around the corner. His 10-year-old sister, Xiao Lu, would accompany him. Xiao thought nothing of it and gave Xiaosong some small change. It was the last time he saw his son.

A father searching for his son amid babies openly being sold online