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Happy birthday to Delia Derbyshire (5 May 1937 – 3 July 2001)!!

Delia Derbyshire  - Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO


Johanna Beyer // Music of the Spheres // An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music/Second A-Chronology 1936-2003
Daphne Oram // Tumble Wash // Oramics
Daphne Oram // Snow // Oramics
Daphne Oram // Purring Interlude // Oramics
Daphne Oram // Four Aspects // Oramics
Delia Derbyshire // Nightwalker // Electrosonic
Delia Derbyshire // Know Your Car (Get Out & Under) // A Retrospective
Delia Derbyshire // Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO // Music From the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Delia Derbyshire // Dance from ‘Noah’ (Stereo Mix) // A Retrospective
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange // Running // Inventions for Radio No. 1
Pauline Oliveros // Horse Sings From a Cloud (Part 1) // Accordion & Voice
Pauline Oliveros // Bye Bye Butterfly // Ohm - The Early Guris of Electronic Music
Clara Rockmore // Tchaikovsky: Valse Sentimentale // The Art of the Theremin
Clara Rockmore // Saint-Saens, The Swan // The Art of the Theremin
Laurie Spiegel // Patchwork // The Expanding Universe
Laurie Spiegel // Appalachian Grove II // The Expanding Universe
Wendy Carlos // Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major // Switched-On Bach
Suzanne Ciani // Live Buchla Concert 1975 // Lixiviation
Suzanne Ciani // Princess With Orange Feet // Lixiviation
Suzanne Ciani // The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby // Seven Waves
Laurie Anderson // O Superman (For Massenet) // Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology
Eliane Radigue // Terre - Eau - Pluie // Jouet Electronique/Elemental I
Ruth White // Gymnopede No. 1 (Eric Satie) // Short Circuits
Ruth White // Spleen // Flowers of Evil

(PHOTO: Wendy Carlos)

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Peter Zinovieff  

“British engineer and inventor of Russian ethnicity, most notable for his EMS company, which made the famous VCS3 synthesizer in the late 1960s. The synthesizer was used by many early progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd and White Noise, Krautrock groups like Kraftwerk as well as more pop-oriented artists, including David Bowie.”

- Wikipedia 

Frontier To Knowledge
Delia Derbyshire
Frontier To Knowledge

Electrosonic (aka KPM1104) is a 1972 KPM Library record electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire made with Brian Hodgson and Don Harper while moonlighting from day jobs at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. One of the most enigmatic albums in the KPM sound library of the early 70s,a haunting batch of spare electronic tracks by Delia Derbyshire, who is best remembered for her musical work for the Dr Who! television series. The tracks here are far more mellow and contemplative than her previous work. Most numbers are short and built around simple, spare themes played by Delia with a gently flowing approach that’s often quite melodic, even though the tunes themselves echo with a fair bit of darkness.

Remembering Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001) on what would have been her 80th birthday. 

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Nickname: Allie

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′3″

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What did your last relationship teach you?: That sometimes you need to be honest about how you feel even if you’re afraid of losing that person. They may not be worth keeping around anyways. 

Religious or spiritual?: I don’t know how to answer this since I’m used to these two meaning the same thing kind of? Maybe both a little bit?

Favorite color?: Cerulean I think!

Average hours of sleep?: It varies from 6 to 12.

Lucky number?: 13 maybe?

Favorite characters?: Sans and Papyrus (Undertale) ; Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, and Garnet (Steven Universe) ; Darwin and Larry Needlemeyer (The Amazing World of Gumball) ; The Observer and Noah Maxwell (tribetwelve) ; Steak (Helvetica) ; Bill Cipher, Stanley Pines, and Stanford Pines (Gravity Falls) ; Knock Out and Starscream (Transformers Prime) ; Eleven (Stranger Things) ; Wander, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers (Wander Over Yonder) 

there’s… a lot, ok 

How many blankets do you sleep in?: One big ol’ comforter!

Dream Job?: A well known and loved writer!!

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